Spring Break: Part The First

Tue 3/13/2007

Well, I'm on Spring Break. It has been pretty great so far. I've been sleeping (A LOT), hanging out with friends, reading Comics, writing letters, taking naps, wandering around in the sunlight, slowly chipping away at my many projects and almost having a nervous breakdown... Oh wait! What?

Yeah... let's not forget that I graduate in TWO MONTHS and that I have A LOT of stuff to do between now and then.

Here's the deal: I really hate working in offices. If I absolutely have to work in an office to pay my rent, I will do it. But it will be my last resort and I will fight against it, kicking and screaming with every fiber of my being. I have just undergone two years of intensive training to be a professional illustrator and dammit, that's what I want to do!

So on Sunday night I figured out a budget and then wrote down everything I need to do to "make it" as an illustrator (don't worry fellow illustrators, "Figure out how to make it as an illustrator" is on the list!) as well as other marketable skills I possess or other options that are available to me, to make money with my art. It's all on my wall now.

I have been picking the brains of my instructors at Pratt as well as other illustrators I know who are supporting themselves with their art. I'm tightening my portfolio, finishing up my new website, setting up meetings, working on pitches, revising my resumes, compiling lists of art directors, prepping self-promotional materials and countless other things. In short, I'm getting ready to kick some ass. (!!!)

I've got work lined up for the summer, coloring Aaron's new book for Scholastic and I'm scouring the city, looking for teaching positions for the Fall (preferably to teach COMICS if any one has some leads!) I'll give it my best and if, come August, it looks like my chickens are not in a row, I'll retrench and move on to plan B.

P.S. "I AM INVINCIBLE" is the title of a mission statment I am writing, which will see the light of day, here, in my blog, upon my graduation from Pratt. Until then!

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If you end up having to get an office job, try and get one at SVA. As far as office jobs go it's pretty relaxed and most of the people working here are also artists, so it's not your standard office environment at ALL. PLUS - you get to take classes for FREE!!!

But of course if you can figure out a way to make money from your art, go man go!

Liz Mar13

I wish so much that there was a video clip there of you doing whatever power move it was you were doing.

Matt Mar13

Matt- Turn on the timer, place back to camera, think "I am invincible," wait until beeper goes off, spin and attack camera.

It was a toss up between that one and this one (I might have made the wrong choice):

Alec Mar14

That photo is a perfect, textbook example of why students should never use photoreference for foreshortening. I'm sure you've had a critique like this with one of these delusional nutballs:

"Does your superhero have a withered limb and one short leg?"

"No, see, it's in PERSPECTIVE!"

"Oh, see, thatr's funny, because I would have thought limbs in perspective would look closer to me, not like they were developmentally deformed."

"But I used PHOTO REFERENCE! It CAN'T be wrong!"

"I will kill you now as an example to others like yourself."

(I then execute the move in the photo on the poor bastard, screaming "Is my foot in perspective?! IS IT MORON?!")

Matt Mar14

I wish I had my own company, so I could hire you to, like, draw stuff for it. I think a company should have one illustrator they use to create personality for their advertising, web site, packaging, documentation, correspondence, and so on. Everything is better with comics in it. :D

fetjuel Mar14

Remember to try something even harder first!

jim Mar14

JIM - Your comment raised the hair on the back of my neck. OF COURSE! This is the best advice anyone has ever given me in my entire life. But I have a question: does going to Australia to try and work on Star Wars count????

Fetjuel - I wish you had a company too. Somebody please hire me to draw stuff!

Alec Mar14

You will undoubtedly kick ass, sir. And I don't mean that in a Marcie* kinda way.

*Peppermint Patty's pal

Arlene Mar14

Good luck getting art work as opposed to real world job ... of course I can only speak of my own job but I think all jobs suffer from the same plight for cartoonists of not being able to work on your own projects for eight hours a day.

A tip of the hat to you, my friend. Sounds like you've got everything in hand. My advice: don't settle too early. It can be intimidating not having work, but if you can hang long enough the right thing is sure to come up.

Dan Mar15

Go Alec go! I agree very much with what Dan said too. Hang in there until you get what you want. Looking forward to reading your mission.

Cam Mar15


I found your blog!

Elmer says hi and Adam and I moving to Bklyn. 6 West 107th is not the same...


Annie Mar16

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