Best Wednesday EVER!

Wed 3/28/2007

Well, I think my comics class went really well today. The students seemed a little low-energy, but it's also possible that I was so HIGH energy, that they seemed less enthusiastic by comparison... :)

I brought SO MUCH STUFF to show them, including: all my Comics so far, original art from Basewood: Chapter Two and Phase 7 #011, coloring work and gag cartoons for Nickelodeon (which I'm in next month again: An ALL-GAG issue of the Comic Book!) I figured it was better to have too much to show them instead of not enough!

After going through all my stuff, I lectured for a while about drawing Comics, then we read their homework (which I did too, which was fun!) I was actually able to give some pretty thorough critiques, which was the part I was most worried about. So after that it was smooth sailing!

Thanks again to Mr. N.U. Bertozzi for letting me sub for his class!!!

Afterwards I dashed over to Union Square Park to meet up with my old friend Jessie Marshall. In the years since we went to Oberlin together, Jessie has totally become a writer (it's official, I decided). She's in New York for a writing residency at the Gershwin Hotel (through NYU?) and just finished a previous writing residency in Nebraska, plus she's already got ANOTHER one lined up in Upstate New York next month! (As Jessie said, she's really good at applying for stuff...) She'll be well prepared for her creative writing MFA studies, which will mostly likely begin in the fall. Jessie is totally one of the most creative people I know and someday, when she is a famous novelist, I will get to say, "I totally know Jessie Marshall!"

Anyways, it was a good day, but now I need to do the HOMEWORK I neglected while I was prepping for my class. Yeek!

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Great! I'm glad you had a positive experience!

Arlene Mar29

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