Thus Ends March Madness!

Sun 4/1/2007

As some of you might remember, last year Greg and and I wrote each other every day in March to report our Comics drawing progress for that day. Last year we also had a bunch of people join us, but that ended up being kind of a lot of work for me, so this year Greg and I just did it ourselves, in secret. (Sorry everyone!)

We got a lot of drawing done (me on Phase 7 #011, Greg on Clutch #18) but there were plenty of ups and downs. Drawing Comics can be such a solitary, lonely activity, so it felt good to check in with a fellow cartoonist each day to comiserate, or cocelebrate, or just encourage one another to keep pressing on!

Besides drawing, Greg had a busy month, getting Papercutter #4 and Best Zine Ever #5 prepped for the printer and then distributing thousands of copies once they came back! Papercutter #5 is in the works and should be ready in June when he comes to New York to share a table with me at the MoCCA arts fest!

As for me, I'm heading into the home stretch for Phase 7 #011. I've got seven more pages of Comics to pencil and then it's just a bunch of inking and end papers. For the first time in the history of Phase 7 I'm actually AHEAD of schedule to get it done for MoCCA. We'll see if I can maintain this lead as I try to finish up school!

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Happy for you guys, sad for the dragons.

Arlene Apr02

way to slay them dragons, boys.

nate Apr02

Have you gotten THIS geek on lately?

Acorn Reindeer Apr03

WHAAAAAAAAT???? NICOLE KIDMAN as MRS. COULTER????!!! Christ almighty! There are so many rad movies coming out!!!

Alec Apr03

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