F R I D A Y !!!

Fri 4/20/2007

For the past month I've been swinging by the comics shop each Friday after class to see if John Porcellino's new book was out yet. Well, TODAY IT WAS!!!!

King-Cat Classix: The Best of King-Cat Comics and Stories collects the best stories from issues 1-50 of John's zine, which is currently the biggest inspiration to me in the world of self-publishing. It's a BEAUTIFULLY designed 384-page hardback book, with an index and it's fully annotated by John.


ALSO: The first Center For Cartoon Studies book, Houdini: The Handcuff King is out this week too!

ALSO: I'm going to see Harry and the Potters tonight!!!!

ALSO: After all this fun I'm going to be F'ing BROKE!

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I love Harry and the Potters. I saw them not too long ago at a kid's bookstore - it's a totally different experience from seeing them in a club.

Reading on the subway is great, but hey, we could always use another issue #3 style of stick figure comics. Your breakdowns read better than a lot of comics out there, and I for one wouldn't mind another one, perhaps something that you don't feel like taking through the whole inking process.

I hope you find a schedule for inking!

Chris S. Apr20

Thanks for the support Chris.

It's weird, but I think #003 actually required MORE concentration because it wasn't penciled or properly inked. With no outline or rough breakdown to work from I had to just pace out each page (and the entire story) off the top of my head. It took a lot of intense focus to make that comic. With P7 #011 I was more like a Comics zombie, totally on autopilot, penciling without any focus, which was nice before and after school.

So for now I think I'm just going to be drawing in my sketchbook until school is over. It's helping me to relax a little bit, which is nice.

Alec Apr22

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