Harry and the Potters!

Sat 4/21/2007

Carolyn and I went to the Harry and the Potters show last night. It was AWESOME, but also a little weird...

For those of you that don't know, Harry and the Potters are a rock band that sing songs about the Harry Potter books in the first person. The songs are all very in-jokey and hillarious, but they also rock. They've toured the country playing in libraries and all kinds of other strange venues. It's two brothers: Paul and Joe DeGeorge.

So anyways, Carolyn and I were hanging out in front of the venue, which was this huge block-long brick building somewhere in Brooklyn, right by the Manhattan Bridge. There were tons of 14 year-old girls, some with lipstick scars on their foreheads and even a few in wizard robes. :)

Suddenly a GIGANTIC security guy opens the door and says "Get your IDs out. Guys to the right. Girls to the left." Everyone was like, "Um... huh?" and one teenager even said, "Um, is this for the right show? Harry and the Potters? It's supposed to be all-ages!" to which the security guard responded, "GET YOUR IDs OUT. GUYS TO THE RIGHT. GIRLS TO THE LEFT."

So we lined up. They then proceeded to put us through a FULL SECURITY PAT-DOWN (??!) It was like 10 times more intense than what you get at the airport even! So of course, the guy starts patting me down and I say, "I have a Leatherman multi-tool on my belt." He removes it from the sheath and says, "No weapons allowed." I said, "It's not a WEAPON, it's a TOOL. Can I just put it in my bag and check it?" To which he replied, "There's no coat check. We'll have to confiscate this." (!!!!!!?!!)

Well, if you know me, you know that I LOVE my leatherman! I've had it for like 6 or 7 years now! So I looked around in panic... Was there somewhere I could hide it? Should I just not go to the show? One of the band Techs caught my eye and said, "I can hold on to it for you." I shook his hand and he introduced himself as "Josh." I thanked him profusely and told him I would make sure to find him after the show.

There were WAY fewer guys, so I got in long before Carolyn. I guess when she went through security, they were trying to take her Nalgene water bottle, because she wasn't allowed to bring any liquids in (!!?!) She had the bright idea to just empty out the water, so she could bring in the empty bottle. JEEZ!

The venue was WEIRD. It was this GIGANTIC space that is probably usually used for larger concerts or raves or something. Anyways, we sat around talking, waiting for the show to start... FOR AN HOUR. People were starting to get kind of antsy and then Joe DeGeorge gets up on stage and says something to the effect of, "Hey, I'm sorry for the delay, but I think we're going to have a lot more fun if we go NEXT DOOR. So if everyone could please follow me out this exit, we're going to do a quick switch of venue!"

Everyone sort of thought he was joking... but then he WASN'T. (???)

So we all left the venue, went down onto the street, and got in line again, in front of a different part of the same building. Josh and the other Techs were FRANTICALLY making trips back and forth, hauling all of the gear from one stage to the other. On one return trip I caught his eye and said, "Uh... do you still have my leatherman?" And he said he didn't, but he'd go look for it. "GULP" I thought, "There goes my leatherman!"

While we were waiting, another one of the tech guys explained that the security people had been real dicks to everyone and the venue had been charging the teenagers $5 for bottles of water! So Harry and the Potters were like, "Screw these guys, we'll play somewhere else!!!"

Really, it was kind of incredible. Within a half hour of leaving the venue, they had set everything up again in this tiny room, probably about 1/10th the size of previous venue but only a few hundred feet away. It was WALL TO WALL PACKED with people!

The rest of the night went much more smoothly. I really liked the first band, I didn't really like the second band and then Harry and the Potters TOTALLY ROCKED! They usually have some banter about "sticking it to the man" in between songs and this time a lot of it revolved around Deatheaters being "totally lame" and "charging people $5 for WATER." It was great.

After the show, I tracked down Josh, who still didn't know where my Leatherman was. I asked some other Techs and finally, the head guy was like, "Oh! I have it right here!" and produced it from his pocket. NICE!!! All the other Tech guys were like, "Oh, thank god! I was worried about that all night! If you didn't get your Leatherman back I was going give you a bunch of free tickets for shows, or buy you some beer or something." Talk about an awesome crew. :)

Anyways, it was the perfect ending to a kind of crazy evening!

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