Tue 4/24/2007


Oh man... That movie looks awesome. I've got to admit, the fact that the 7th and FINAL Harry Potter book comes out in 87 days was really overshadowing my excitement for the 5th movie. But after watching that trailer a few times? Sheesh! I'm pretty pumped. I know no one agrees with me, but the 5th book is definitely my favorite... SO FAR.

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no one agrees with you?!?...
the books are all great, but come on!...her ability as a writer took a HUGE leap with phoenix...i mean seriously...her pacing, her balance of story elements, her control of the rising and falling action...jeez that book was freaking MASTERFUL!!...anyone else disagrees with you about this issue you give 'em my number, i'll straighten 'em right the heck on out :)

jason Apr24

Glad to know we're on the same team Jason. Usually when I say OOTP is my favorite book all I get in response is, "Harry is such a whiny jerk in book 5!" But he's FIFTEEN, you know? That's how people ARE when they're fifteen!

Plus Umbridge, The DA, and finally getting to see Dumbledore kick some serious ass? Yeah... it's my favorite of the books. But we'll see! Book 7 COULD just blow it out of the water!

86 days... :)

Alec Apr25

I had no problem with Harry being teenagery. The book WAS my favorite... until the Ministry of Magic fight. It just felt rushed and poorly constructed to me whereas the rest of the book was impeccable. The vibe it gave me was the she was sitting at her desk and thought "Yowza! I'm 750 pages in, I'd better wrap this thing up!"
I think that six is the strongest of the bunch. Doesn't mean I'm not going crazy with excitement for the Phoenix movie, though I'm more upset than I am happy in regards to Deathly Hallows. I don't want it to end!
The trailer just gave me chills.

Chris S. Apr26

That trailer is awesome!! I am SO psyched for that flick... AND the last book (of course.)

Cam Apr26

Phoenix is my favorite of the bunch, too. Half-Blood Prince was too crowded and there's no way Hallows will be properly paced if JKR's gonna stuff all the loose ends in fewer pages than Phoenix, but I'm looking forward to it just the same. In a lot of ways, though, reading the end won't be as much fun once there's no more speculation. I bet the fan-fiction writers will have a field day with alternate endings, too.

Also, I heard the last 30 minutes of Phoenix is going to be IN 3-D in the IMAX version. Holy crap!!

Sarah O May01

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