Mon 4/30/2007

For those of you that somehow missed it, my site has been down for the last FOUR DAYS (I think?) I guess when I registered the domain name SIX YEARS AGO, I set up the account with my Oberlin email address. So I had no access to the login information that would allow me to renew the domain and the company kept trying to send my info to the non-existant email account.

In other words: ACK!!!

So sorry to everyone who was trying to check the site. Also, if you emailed anything to my email address in the last four days, I did not recieve it.

Sorry for the hassle. I've posted the two entries I was GOING to post this weekend, BELOW.

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Glad you're back, Alec! Sorry this weekend was so rough on you. I hope that you beat the Pratt deadlines and have some relax time.

Chris S. Apr30

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