Almost Done!

Fri 5/4/2007

Hey kids, don't forget, tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day! For like three years in a row I forgot this event, so now I always make an extra effort to remember. This year Aaron and I are TOTALLY going to dork out: we're going to hit Jim Hanley's and then head to Spider-Man 3. Yes!

And how could I WASTE so much time in the middle of a Saturday you ask?! Well, because really I am almost done with school. Technically I SHOULD be done right now, but the semester started on MLK Jr. Day, so we missed that first Monday, which means we still have ONE more class. I'll be painting right up to the end.

It's been weird finishing classes, knowing that I won't be coming back, or that I might not see the teachers again. I'm not really getting that nostalgic yet, probably because I'm so burned out, but I'm sure it'll hit me later on when I have to get a job!

Meanwhile I'm slowly trying to catch up on some of the stuff I have been neglecting while going crazy with school. Even with no windows, it's good to spend some time in the apartment, reassembling my life. On Sunday I will set up my display at The Pratt Show which is going to be a little stressful. But more on that later...

Thanks to everyone for all the kind words of support while I was powering through this home stretch!

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I finally remembered Free Comic Book Day! And I was in Amherst, MA at Ian and Adam's wedding (hooray), but we went ANYWAY! It was a huge selection this year, at least at the Newbury Comics in Amherst. So Ian and Adam got married on both

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