Mon 5/14/2007

This just in: I am offically ready to stop stressing out about the future and start KICKING ASS.

New York thinks it can defeat me???

I have braced my broken heart against the freezing winds howling off the Great Lakes. I have cried myself to sleep amongst the burning hills of Los Angeles. I fed FIVE YEARS of hopes and dreams to the sharks of Australia and then rose from the ashes of my own destroyed life to laugh again!

I will not fail. I am ALEC LONGSTRETH god damn it!

I was raised proud and tall alongside the mighty pines of the Pacific Northwest. In my veins runs the blood of ministers and military men, of painters and public servants, of WRITERS and DOCTORS.

I will drain New York of its every resource and take advantage of all it has to offer. When I leave it will be the hollowed shell of what was once a great city! Art directors prepare to hire me, for it is your only option!! I FEAR NO REJECTION!!!

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I don't know what I like more about this, the "rage" eyes, or the key.

Matt May14

Shit and god damn! YES!

This is why you're the best. Arouuund. NOTHING'S GONNA EVAH KEEP YA DOWN!!

And if you aren't familiar with the Karate Kid, that won't be very funny to you. Or maybe it will, I dunno...

In any case, YEAH!!!

Liz May14

That's a freakin' awesome drawing, Alec!

Arlene May14

don't let the bastards get you down Alec!!

jason May14


Cam May14

YEAH!!!! Glad to hear it. Look out NYC! I'm very excited for you Alec, Great things await!!!!

Heidi Stanley May14

Never give in, never surrender.

rich tea May15

Attn. NYC: Alec is in yr. base killing yr. soldiers. All your base are belong to him.

Matt May15

Go get 'em. Also, did you hear about Tintin?

Dan May15

Thanks everyone...

Dan - I hadn't heard about that... I have mixed feelings. I hope they don't try and cram all 21 books into three movies and they'll have to get the LOOK right... I'm sure they'll have the best people working on it. We'll see! Thanks for the heads up and I hope you are doing well in Chicago. One semester down, right?

Alec May15

I heard that they are handpicking 3 of the best stories from the lot and each director is going to take a turn at making a movie based on one of them. The 3rd director is unnanounced, (or undecided).

Cam May15

Let's hope it's GEORGE!!! ;)

Alec May15

I hated the stiff animation of Polar Express. I hope that they don't use that format in the same way, maybe just as a basis.

I think that Joe Johnson (The Rocketeer, Hidalgo) is one of the best and most overlooked adventure directors around. He could do it justice.

Chris S. May16

dear Alec

I just wanted to poke my head in and remind you of what an overwhelming source inspiration you are to me. I totally love and respect you, so if you see this comment as arrow I hope strikes you RIGHT IN THE HEART!!

love liz

p.s. as of sunday we will BOTH be graduates.

liz Prince May17

Aw, thanks Liz! I hope you will bring what you've got so far of your next book to MoCCA. I'm DYING to see it and I can't wait to hang out with you.

I'll be thinking of you on Sunday. Congratulations on graduating!!!

Alec May17

drawing = awesome
text = awesome

Alec's current status: UNSTOPPABLE.

Congrats on graduating and all that! I may be back east around July, so maybe I can return the ass-slap then ;-)

frunch May17

Frunch, the research interests listed on your site give me a hard on! "Applications of optimization methodologies and heuristics to problems in groundwater remediation and parameter estimation"??? Tell me more!

Alec May17

Dude... you are an amazing inspiration to many... it's out there, you'll find it or it will find you, regardless I have no doubt you'll land on your feet. walk on brother.

Jewett May19

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