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Mon 12/20/2004

My parents were in New York this weekend, which was really nice, because I'm not going home for Christmas this year. So I spent most of the weekend between 40th and 60th streets, which (especially at this time of year) is TOTALLY CRAZY OVER-THE-TOP INSANE. I mean, the sidewalks were shoulder to shoulder PACKED with people.

We went to Rockefeller Center at night to see the GIGANTIC dead tree, we walked up 5th avenue and looked at all the ridiculously priced stores and window displays, we went to the newly-reopened Museum of Modern Art (pretty sweet) and they even took me to a broadway show ("Avenue Q"--basically MUPPETS--SO AMAZING!!!!).

It's a whole other side of New York that I've not experienced because I sort of avoid the madness of midtown and can't really afford to do any of the things we did. So it was pretty cool.

Also it has become "pretty cool" QUITE LITERALLY. It's the last day of fall today, and OH MAN, Winter is ready to go here in New York. It's been snowing and windy and FREEZING cold. I'm not complaining though--I'm all about the cold. It just sort of came out of nowhere.

So yeah...I'm on my dinner break for my first mega-day of drawing. It's going really well and I'm super excited about all the work I'm going to get done on my Comics in the coming weeks. Boo-ya.

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