The Basewood Mural

Tue 5/29/2007

Okay, I am ready to reveal one of the top-secret projects I have been working on!

My friends Stephanie and Kevin (who I met through Bwana at MoCCA a couple of years ago) just moved in to a new apartment in Chelsea. And they have this big (14'-6" x 11'-3") blank wall in their new bedroom. They thought about getting some wall paper...


Needless to say, this is pretty exciting. I've had a couple of requests to heavily document this project, so I've started posting photos in my Flickr Account, in a new "PROJECTS" set I created. There are already photos up from the first two days of work and I'll be adding more as I go. (I'll probably also put little "head's up" notices on the homepage to let people know when new photos are up)

To get this project done, I'm going to cut back to 6 hours per day of coloring. I think I can still color a page a day at that rate... And this is good because it gets me out of the house each day. Not only do Stephanie and Kevin have windows, the also have CENTRAL AIR CONDITIONING. (Don't even get me started on how hot and muggy it has been in New York this past week!)

So... yeah! It's a big project, but I feel suprisingly calm and in control. I guess all those years of helping set painters prime sets and drop cloths really paid off. So thanks to Mike, Ariel, Carolyn, Patrick and Jordan for teaching me everything I know about painting! :P

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Ooh...central air is sweet! That ought to make the going easier, eh? Good luck on that mural. I'm sure it will turn out really well.

Arlene May29

I am excited to see how it turns out... what a cool project. I need to paint my kids' rooms... Lucy loves owly so that would be a fun mural for her. Best of luck, enjoy the A/C.

Jewett May30

Sounds like fun Alec.

I recieved my 1st issue from my subscription to PHASE 7.
THANKS! Nothing better than getting comics in the mail.
: )

WAM May30

you are an inspiring individual. i actually take time to find your blog through your facebook and check it out. it's the only blog i care for.

you win.

erica lee May30

Since you are a huge Harry Potter fan I wondered if you knew about this...

WAM May31

Thanks Erica. You should bookmark the site (or subscribe to the RSS feed! ;)

I hadn't seen that Wade. Crazy! I wonder what kind of rides they will have... broom rides or something???

Alec May31

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