The Return of Rowlf

Fri 6/1/2007

Okay, so, last weekend I recorded some music for the first time in a LONG time (like... THREE YEARS or so). And I am pretty rusty. Or... VERY rusty. But playing my guitar feels really good and I want to start doing it more because it makes me feel a lot more sane. It's nice to have at least ONE creative outlet that is NOT drawing related!

So I asked Sudara (the artist previously known as "Mark S. Williams") if he could shoot me a new FTP password for my old page, and he kindly obliged.

I dug around in there (it was a real mess!) and came across a bunch of old covers I had recorded back in 2003 which I have absolutely NO recollection of recording! I gave them a listen, and well, quite frankly, they blow this latest batch out of the water! I had even recorded some of the same songs, which make these new versions sound weak as hell.

A N Y W A Y S, I'm putting up the new files with the hopes that it will motivate me to record MORE music. I've started a list of songs I want to learn on my guitar, and maybe eventually if I find the time, I might even write some new stuff... We'll see how it goes...

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I have been trying to pickup my guitar more "just for me" lately as well... I miss playing music and every time I pick it up I am reminded of the joy I used to feel from just strumming away and letting the stress shoot out of the pickups (or sound hole).

Nice Martin... I love my Taylor but my roomate had a Martin D-1 and I always thought it was the greatest. You are making me want to pickup my guitar, I have GarageBand on this machine so it would be pretty easy to hook up and record... hmmm.

You listen to WIlco... can you do anything by them, they may be my alltime favorite band... I really want to learn "How do you fight lonliness" off of summerteeth.

anyways... ramble, babble, blah. Hope you are well, man.

Jewett Jun02

Andy, you should do it! I used GarageBand to make all of those recordings. It works fine, just don't use the same file as a template and "Save As." It still deletes the old files, even if you are in a "new" version of the document! (If that makes sense...)

Hmmm... Wilco would be a good choice. I'll have to see if there is a song I like. Right now my list has: Mirah, more Ben Kweller, Harry and the Potters (YEAH!), The Weakerthans and Graham Smith.

Alec Jun02

Ya'll are both making me want to break out the guitar! I dig you're voice, Alec.

Comics has made me play so much less, I used to learn new songs all the time. Not so much these days. Keep it up, dude! sad. But I love that Grandaddy song.

Arlene Jun02

I'm all inspired to start recording again now. Woo-hoo!

Chris S. Jun02

Arlene, you should check out the live KEXP version of that song. It is one of my all time favorite recordings ever (but yeah... pretty sad)

Chris, Marcos, bust out those guitars!!!

Alec Jun02

Thanks for the link.

(Now I have to listen to something happy.)

Arlene Jun02

Wow, Alec, you can actually sing! I really liked your cover of "Waiting on You" - that's one of my all-time favorite Weezer songs! I like how you hit those high notes, and the parts where your voice cracks a little are just right. I don't like music that sounds too "perfect."

That being said, this post reminds me of how much I miss playing music as well. I very literally had to choose between music and comics many years ago because I didn't want to pursue either one half-heartedly, to the detriment of both, and my bandmates were consistently annoyed that I wasn't giving music my full attention. However, I played drums, so it's not exactly the kind of instrument that sounds good on its own anyway!

But hey, if you ever need a drummer, maybe we can start an all-cartoonist cover band! Or we can write songs about comics, we can be called "the Gutters" or "the Panel Transitions", hahaha....

Liz Jun03

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