There and Back Again...

Tue 12/28/2004

Well, I went down to Philadelphia to spend Christmas with my parents, my sister and a bunch of my extended family. It was kind of a strange trip...

Mostly it was just REALLY NICE to leave New York. It felt like this giant burden was lifted off my shoulders. I got off the train and out onto the streets of Philadelphia and was amazed how OPEN and UNCROWDED and QUIET it seemed. I guess everywhere feels like that, except New York. I think that's why everyone makes such a big deal about this place...

Anyways, so I stayed with my sister Galen and her boyfriend and we ate good food and watched movies and played music and I drew in my sketchbook a lot which felt really good. Then my parents came up and we did "family time" with the relatives, which was okay I guess, if not a little more stressful.

The really weird thing was coming back to New York though. After a few days away I guess I missed it(?) Or at least, when I got back on the subway heading uptown it felt really good and comfortable. And when I walked to my apartment I had that little feeling of "I am going HOME" which is strange because I'm in NEW YORK. But I guess that's how it goes...

So yeah. It was good to have a couple of days away, for Christmas and family and all that, but I'm REALLY glad to be home too. I'm going to wake up early tomorrow, take a shower, brush my teeth, make a cup of tea and then draw Comics all day. Life is good.

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