Thu 6/14/2007

I had to go over to Aaron's house tonight to pick up a comic book. I decided to bike over and it had sort of cooled off today, so I donned my gray hoodie, figuring it might be one of my last chances to wear it before the real summer heat settles in.

For whatever reason, I don't like wearing my glasses when I'm biking, so I took them off and put them in the left front pocket of my hoodie. I was biking along, thinking, "That's probably not a very good place to put them, they might..." and then I heard a little click somewhere behind me. I quickly pulled over and looked back CRUNCH

just in time to see a huge SUV drive over my glasses.

I gathered up the pieces and biked the rest of the way to Aaron's with a heavy heart. Aaron was the first to point out that "Well, at least they're FAKE" which is true. But it still sucks.

The back-up pair I have (which are WEAK) I recognize from a drug store trip in 2002, the night before I saw Attack of the Clones. So that probably puts this pair a few years prior... maybe 2000? Well, anyways, I have been wearing these pieces of plastic on my face for a long time, and now they're dead.

It's been a weird week. I'm still kind of sick and I feel like I can't get anything done. It's probably because all my drawing time is being eaten up by folding, stapling and filling out Phase 7 envelopes (and writing letters). It's hard to believe MoCCA is only nine days away... I have so much stuff to do! Ugh.

I spent an hour last night though, loading all of the blogs and websites I check into Google Reader. I'm hoping that will save me some time. It seems like lately I waste so much time clicking around, trying to find new posts on people's sites and if I can't, I just read through old entries. No more! Let the new content come to ME!

Also, Apple's new website is so slick and awesome. The usability and design is just fantastic I think, especially their search field. Whew! People should take a few clicks around...

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Sorry to hear about your frames. I hope you feel better soon.

Arlene Jun15

My condolences Alec. My condolences...

Cam Jun15

Ahh, it's okay. If anything, it's just another reminder of how ridiculous it is that I wear these things! And how dependent I have become on them...

Alec Jun15

if you melt the ends of the two side peices, place them back where they go on the main peice, then quickly cool them, buy putting them in cold water or something, they should go back together. you won't be able to close them, but you could wear them.

good lord, it's like you're permanently superman. do you even know who you are anymore?? physical manifestation of existential crisis.... my glasses... are broken...


erica lee Jun15

Now people will know your secret identity!

WAM Jun15

Zack - unfortunately, it was not a clean break at all. The two "stems" are now different lengths and the frames themselves got totally cracked too. So I think it's a lost cause... Thanks for the tips though!

Alec Jun15

This is just further proof that SUVs SUCK! my little car wouldn't have crushed them!

Tom Jun16

ebay is the best source for replacement frames. cheap enough to buy a bunch, so that you always have some spares.

anngav Jun16

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