Rowlf Round Two

Sat 6/16/2007

Well, I finally recorded a some more covers. My voice has been pretty scratchy lately, because I've been sick, so I didn't really have a chance until now. They're not much to write home about, though I did learn three new Harry and the Potters songs, which was a lot of fun.

Probably MORE exciting, is the fact that I finally put up mp3s from the Alec and Asher Rock the Cat show, from way back in 2002. I'm not sure why I've never posted those, but they are up now if people want to check them out. That's like the only "real" show I ever played. Man, I used to be a lot better at playing the guitar... I blame Comics!

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i enjoyed your whistling and the tiny screaming you did during "In the Garage".

Thanks Zack! I love me some whistling!!!

Alec Jun18

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