Projects! PROJECTS!!!

Sun 7/1/2007

Here is a photo of my finished "Harry Potter Fan Art" piece for a show that Liz's friend Kettner is putting up at the Padlock Gallery in Philadelphia on July 15th. If anyone is around they should go check it out!

I also finished scripting my story for the upcoming Papercutter #6 this weekend. It is going to be so much fun to draw. Plus that means I can now start scripting Basewood Chapter 4! I'm determined to have the whole story down in rough form by the end of the summer! I've got to make the most of this time, as I suspect my freelance status might not survive the coming Fall...

It seems like that's how it's been going lately: as soon as I finish one project another pops up and takes its place. I'm keeping really busy, which is good, though I also haven't been very social lately... I know, I know, the weather is "nice" outside and I should go "enjoy" it. I'm still going to the park every morning, but what can I say? Summer is my least favorite season (ESPECIALLY on the East Coast) and right now I'd rather be inside drawing. I've got some AWESOME Top-Secret projects in the works, which I can't wait to reveal...

I guess too, that MoCCA was a super-social time and I've got a lot of social interaction lined up in the coming weeks. Also, I've been hanging out a bit with Gabby and Julia who have been in town since MoCCA. So I'm not a TOTAL hermit!

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the thing i hate about summer is that because of the nice weather you feel like you HAVE to be outside, even if you don't really want to. i like to go outside and walk around and all that stuff, but sometimes i like to just sit down.


Alec Jul01

The only thing I hate about the summer is that school is out and my neighbor (who apparently never heard of birth control) lets her kids run up and down the alley screaming bloody murder all day when I'm trying to live!

Confounded kids! (I'm shaking my fist.)

Arlene Jul02

great piece... I am embarrassingly excited about the new Harry Potter movie coming out and ridiculously excited about th new book.... sigh, ah geekdom. Hope you are surviving the season brother.

Jewett Jul03

Ratatouille! it was far too much fun going to the movies with you guys. no one geeks out as well as a bunch of cartoonists watching cartoons.

julia Jul03

I totally agree Julia. Ratatouille was SO much fun. I haven't laughed that hard in a movie in a long, long time. The geek in me is feeling obligated to go see Transformers, but I have a sneaking suspicion it will be much less satisfying... Anyways, I'm excited you're moving to New York! We will totally have to hang out.

Alec Jul03

hey alec my office went as a group to see transformers and it was HILARIOUS, but if it's the childhood warm and fuzzies you want then it'll probably fit the bill, and they're pretty scary (being gigantic robots and all) but ummm it's hilarious!

laura Jul05

Yeah, I saw it on the 4th and was laughing through most of it. The premise, plot and acting were all horrible, but gosh those robots looked pretty cool! THHBBBLLPPPPP!!!

Alec Jul05

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