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Sun 7/8/2007

It feels like it has been a long time since I posted a "REAL" blog entry, and my life is about to get really crazy, so I thought I should do a mini "wrap-up" to tie up some loose ends.

After MoCCA I started working on my Basewood Mural five hours a day instead of three. So mostly I've been waking up, drawing for a few hours, going to work on the mural and then coming home to draw for the rest of the night. I'm REALLY CLOSE to finishing it. (Probably by Tuesday!!!)

There were a few opportunities to hang out with people this week, I just wasn't feeling up to it. New York was overcast and rainy for a few days and it was making me feel homesick. I spent my 4th of July reading and drawing and going to the movies by myself, which was sort of calming and nice. I had a surprisingly good view of the fireworks from the street in front of my house.

I've also been reading a lot which has been awesome. I am already almost "caught up" with my backlog of stuff to read, which hasn't happened in a LONG time. I guess it's pretty amazing how much you can accomplish when you spend all of your time alone, working constantly.

Here are some other random things I ALMOST blogged about this week, in shortened form:

1) I listened to my 200th episode of This American Life. (I am listening to them in order) That show is AMAZING. If for some reason you aren't listening to it, you SHOULD.

2) I bought some reading glasses (with REAL GLASS in them!!?!) upon my Dad's suggestion, to help improve my posture while sitting at the drawing table (so I don't hunch over when I'm doing small detail work like crosshatching). So far it is working pretty well. I'm sitting up straighter, but I'm also getting pounding headaches after a few hours of drawing. Hmmmm....

3) On Friday I showed up at 11am (TWO HOURS before tickets are handed out) at the Shakespeare In The Park box office, only to find that the line had "closed" at 9:30am (??!) I think that's more hardcore than I can be about a play I've already seen a bunch of times, so there goes THAT plan! I ended up having dinner that night with my friend Laura Shepherd who is in New York working on her Master's Degree though, so the night was not lost!

Anyways, I'm working on ALL KINDS of REALLY COOL and TOTALLY top-secret stuff right now, all of which will be revealed soon. I've got to get stuff done THIS WEEK, because this is the calm before the storm... Except it is going to be a "storm" of AWESOMENESS, which will REIGN! The excitement begins this week...

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It's gonna kick Shark Week in the ass!

Arlene Jul08

No! Go see that play! It is really amazing! Kate and Lee and Jim and I all got in line at 6:30 am for seats one day, and it was totally worth it. (I mean, partly because we all hung out in line completely sleep deprived and silly, and it was raining, so we were sitting inside of garbage bags, but still...) It is probably the best production of R & J that I have ever seen, and the atmosphere (free theater! outside! in Central Park!) is overwhelmingly cool.

...anyways. Just wanted to give it a little plug. I know you tend to keep yourself pretty busy, whereas my friends and I are total slackers.

Good show, though. I recommend it.

cmraz Jul09

Alas Carolyn, the last performance of Romeo and Juliet was tonight. Maybe I'll try again for Midsummer's? But probably not... I just can't see myself spending 4-6 hours in line and then another 5 hours at night to get to the play and watch it and then home again... That's a whole day ordeal!

Alec Jul09

looking forward to the storm.

Jewett Jul09

so we're at the post office mailing you a package..... we realize the address we have is for Washington. so your package is headed there. sorry. it will then head in your direction I hope. moved this past weekend into our new place. its crazy. the next Grube is due the end of August. prepare yourself

Stefan Jul09

Stefan! A new place? And baby Grube number THREE??? Wow! Exciting times indeed!

I can't wait to see what is in the package... :)

Give my love to Julie and the kids! I hope your new place is awesome!

Alec Jul09

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