Week of Awesomeness!

Thu 7/12/2007

As predicted, this week has been super awesome! I kept ALMOST blogging about things, but then something ELSE awesome would happen and I'd get distracted. So now I'll do a quick wrap-up... in reverse order!

Tonight (Thursday) I finished working on my SUPER TOP SECRET Comics project (which I still don't want to talk about just yet...) But it's done! And I think it is going to be really cool, so more on that later...

Wednesday night a bunch of my friends and I all went to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix! It was TOTALLY COOL, for a movie. Of course, there were like a trillion things they had to cut out from the book, but even so, it was completely entertaining and it was a lot of fun to be there on opening night with a bunch of friends and all the hardcore fans. ONLY EIGHT DAYS UNTIL DEATHLY HALLOWS!!!!

Tuesday I finished my Basewood mural! Wahoo!!! It felt really good to have that completed. It was a lot of work! I am still trying to make a giant composite picture of it, from about 80 photos I took, but it is taking FOREVER, so for now, anyone who is interested can just see the process of how it was painted over on my Flickr account.

And first thing Monday morning, my metro card expired. Usually I would simply purchase a new, one-month card, but THIS time I purchased a one-WEEK card, because I am going to be GONE from New York for TWO WHOLE WEEKS of July.

As some of you might have heard me recently complain, I have not set foot outside of Brooklyn or Manhattan in over SEVEN MONTHS. There is a certain pressure exerted by New York City and I have been feeling that pressure compounding and making me more and more stressed out and miserable this past half-year.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: One of the most enjoyable things about living in New York City is LEAVING NEW YORK CITY.

First stop will be a week up in Vermont to visit old friends and to teach a week of workshops at The Center For Cartoon Studies. Then I'm heading back home to Seattle for a week to visit my family!

So there is lots more fun stuff on the way. My next update should be from Vermont! :)

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Brother, the mural looks amazing, well done... enjoy your time in Vermont, hope it reinvigorates you. Safe travels.

Jewett Jul13

Wowzers! That looks beautiful. I feel inspired to do my house now!
Keep up the good work!

Congratulations on completing the mural. It was great watching the process on Flickr. Don't forget to jump in the river, Alec! Have fun!

Arlene Jul13

i'm leaving on the 14th, tomorrow, and i don't get back till the 28! that will be two weeks! weird.

Thanks everyone! Jim, we will miss you this year at the summer workshop! Zack, we are parallel dopplegangers of travel!

Alec Jul13

Congrats on the vacation - I picked up Nick today and saw the desert island gag - good work!

Chris S. Jul15

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