AHHHHHH!!!!!!! Deathly Hallows HERE I COME!

Fri 7/20/2007

I JUST got back to Brooklyn! I leave in an HOUR to go get in line for Harry Potter 7! I have SO MUCH COOL STUFF to post about! Soon! SOON!!!!

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i'm thinking of the next post you will write. what the possible all encompassing titles could be. From Vermont to Voldemort? I could list more... but each would be guessing the final outcome. I bet you are just pouring over the book right now... and I am jealous.

aaron Jul21

Aaron - It's Saturday, 1pm and I'm on page 250. I'll try to take a break later tonight, to post about getting the book, but I suspect I won't blog about Vermont until after I'm done. Gotta stay focused...

It is the craziest book EVER!!!

Alec Jul21

Alec -
Saturday, 1:45, on page 200! SO CRAZY!!!!!!!

Tom Jul21

saturday, 6:27 pm. finished it about a half hour ago, after a day spent hanging out in cafes and getting asked "so what's with snape?"
and wow. what a humdinger.
now everyone else needs to hurry up and finish reading it so i can talk to people about it!

anngav Jul21

Harry Potter!!!!!

cmraz Jul21

Finished last night at 2am! Wow!

Cam Jul22

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