Backblog 2: PHASE 7 #001 - #004

Sun 7/22/2007

Well, I'm finally ready to reveal my top-secret project from a few weeks ago!

After several requests to put Phase 7 #001, #002, #003 and #004 back into print and some urging from Greg, I have decided to make a book collecting the first four issues of PHASE 7.

I made this using, which I am suddenly ALL ABOUT.

The book is 184 pages, perfect bound, with a full-color, wrap-around cover. Never in my wildest dreams would I be able to afford a standard 1,000-copy print run of this book. Instead, I was able to create the book FOR FREE using, which utilizes PRINT ON DEMAND. That means if you want the book, you order it directly from and they print ONE copy and send it to you. I don't have to pay anything up front, I don't have to find space for dozens of boxes of books, I don't have to deal with shipping stuff to anyone. And if I want to buy a stack of 10 of them before a convention I can get them cheap, at production cost. It is pretty cool...

I ordered a first proof copy of the book and had it sent to CCS. It arrived on Wednesday, right in the middle of our workshop. I am like 98% happy with it. The cover material is a little weird and the paper stock is a little thin, but otherwise I think it looks great. I am REALLY happy with it and will definitely be printing other, future books with and will encourage other self-publishers to do the same!

That all being said, there is really no reason to get this book if you already have copies of PHASE 7 #001, #002, #003 and #004. This book is a direct collection of the previous material. There are only seven pages in the entire book that aren't from the original minicomics and I have posted them all over in the comics section.

But if you do want a copy, it's available now! Self-publishing... WOOO!!!

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huh! very cool! joseph went through hell getting a perfect print from lulu for LAB but that's because 1) he's a color-perfection nut, and 2) the thing is full color w/ all sorts of different sources of imagery and different palettes. but for a b&w anthology, very very cool! & yr cover looks great!

nate Jul22

A Phase 7 book!!! Wahoo! Congratulations! I'm glad to hear that you're happy with how they turned out. I can't wait to see a copy in person!

Greg Jul22

Thanks fellas! Yeah Nate, some of the cover colors aren't perfect (though NOT as bad as the preview on the page, which is total crap!) but all-in-all I'm very happy with it. As Aaron pointed out, the few little things that aren't perfect are probably only visible to me.

Alec Jul22

AWESOME! Congratulations, Alec! I think having early issues in print is reeeeeally important, I think Dave Sim said that and I agree wholeheartedly. Before Microcosm picked up the MBH 1-5 collection I was saving up money to have it done by Comixpress or Lulu myself.

Liz Jul22

Very cool! I only have #3 & 4, so I'll have to get this from you at SPX or something.

Fun fact: My day job is actually working in the mail room at a print-on-demand company similar to Lulu!

Joey Jul22

Great idea Alec. Looks great. I have #1 and #2. Looking forward to seeing it collected. Must be very satisfying. You just made another sale.

Cam Jul23

Yyyyyeeessss!!! This kind of stuff is the future. Soon we'll eliminate all of the pesky unnecessary stuff between the artist and the consumer! I hope to use Lulu to sell a companion book thingy to people who want to support a free video game I'm working on.

I will definitely order this book! :D

Bill Jul23


Jewett Jul23

Woo-hoo! I'm keen on it. I was actually just thinking last night about whether or not to take 10 & 11 and bind 'em up as a book, as a mini-bin doesn't do them justice. Maybe now I'll hold off.

Chris S. Jul23

Hooray! This is great. I just had someone in Reading Frenzy yesterday asking for back issues of Phase 7. And, yeah, I've had my share of cock-ups with Lulu, but it's pretty amazing that you can print a full 4-color perfect-bound book in an edition of ONE. LAB would've been B&W or 1-color if not for POD.

Joseph Jul23

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