Vacation: Part One

Thu 7/26/2007

The first half of my trip home is already over and I have to say, it is going pretty well so far. I have been taking it easy, catching up on sleep, watching a lot of movies, reading lots of books, playing some guitar, walking in the woods with my dog, playing with kids, wandering around Seattle, talking with my Mom, picking huckleberries, enjoying the total lack of humidity, hanging out with my sister Courtney (who is home from Eritrea), digging through all kinds of old stuff in the basement and seeing a lot of dear friends who live out here.

Also, I had a doctor's appointment on Tuesday to get this big mole checked out. I have had it for my entire life and my Mom has been nagging me about it for years and years, worried that it might be cancerous. So finally, she wears me down and I agree to get it looked at. I really hate doctors, and I expected the worst: that they would stick needles in my chest and excise it "just to be safe." But instead (and I'm NOT EVEN KIDDING here) the doctor walks in, takes one look at it and says, "Oh, that's a third nipple."

! ! ! ! ! ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!???????!!!!?!?!?!?!?!!!!

MY WHOLE LIFE I HAVE HAD A THIRD NIPPLE AND I ONLY FIND OUT ABOUT THIS NOW???? Talk about years and years and years of lost opportunities for bad jokes! And puns! And requests for "Hey you wanna see my third nipple?"! So, look out... I've got some serious catching up to do!

My Dad is actually taking a few days off of work (!!?!) and tomorrow we're all heading down to Portland to pick up Galen and then the whole Longstreth clan is heading for the Oregon coast. It will be really great to have our whole family together again, which hasn't happened in at least a year or two...

Then it's back to Seattle, and then back to New York!

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You could be Scaramanga for Halloween!

Arlene Jul26

So you're now a gigantic, bearded, hollow glasses wearing cartoonist with a third nipple? Congratulations, you have just officially become one of those characters that New York is filled with.

Your card and badge will arrive within three to six weeks.

Charlito and Renee French would be so proud...

Richard Jul26


Sounds like a nice vacation, I'm jealous!

WAM Jul26

Someone really should post a link to this information on the ISR message board, under the title,
"Longstreth Part 3".
Someone should. Really.

Cam Jul26

Hey Alec, I just noticed you were reading some Bill Peet...that guy is so awesome. Have you read his autobiography? "NO MORE DUCKS!"

josh Jul26

Huzzah! heh... glad you are having a good time and that the "mole" turned out not to be cancerous.

Jewett Jul26

Or Miss Ivannah from Mallrats... oh... wait.... you can't peel yours off. But maybe if you rub it you can see the future. Will I ever have a pony?

aaron Jul27

HAHAHAHA!!! omg! i think my jaw just broke off! i still can't close my mouth! hahahahaha!

erica lee Jul27

Good news!.. My wife, Fer, says that means you are a witch (or a Warlock in your case).
Better tap that!
According to OK! Weekly tabloid, your tri-teat friends are: Lily Allen, Mark Wahlberg, & Carrie Underwood (although she had hers removed.)

PS: Think of it as your third eye... or ...
"Pinch for Prophecy™"

Cam Jul27

How is it possible that this blog entry wasn't accompanied by a photo?

Greg Jul28

Greg - I'm at my folks house without photoshop, so I'll add photos to this entry when I get back to New York (tomorrow!)

Josh - Yeah, I'm OBSESSED with Bill Peet right now ( here are some previous comments about his work ). It is my goal to get all of his books, but I'm determined to find them used! I found 5 on this trip alone...

Alec Jul29

UPDATE: Alright everyone, there's a picture of my 3rd nipple (HOT, right?) and also above is a photo from the hike with my sisters!

Alec Aug02

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