How Sweet It Is!

Sun 1/2/2005

So this morning I woke up after a weird dream and suddenly declared, "TODAY I WILL WALK ACROSS THE BROOKLYN BRIDGE!!!" I had tried to do this once before when I first moved to New York, but had inadvertently chosen the same day as some gigantic AIDS march or something and there were THOUSANDS of people on the bridge, so I had to give up. But not today!

My housemates all thought I was crazy. It has been unseasonably warm in New York the past few days (almost in the 60s) but today was pretty cold (in the 40s) not to mention that it's ALWAYS colder on bridges, what with the wind and lack of land and abundance of water, etc. etc.

So yeah, it WAS really cold, but I totally did it anyways and it was really great. You get a cool view from the bridge, both of Brooklyn AND Manhattan and from the bridge you can see four OTHER bridges, which I thought was pretty cool. When you get off the bridge there is a sign that says, "BROOKLYN: How Sweet It Is!" which I thought was pretty funny.

The other thing I wanted to post was that I put some more stuff in the portfolio section that people should check out:

One is my FIRST COLOR COMIC, which I am actually getting PAID for drawing!?! (getting paid to draw Comics, hmmm....) That's going to be printed in the Portland Mercury in January sometime.

The second is AN E.P. COVER for my friend Asher's Band Adult Situations. They have a big show coming up on January 5th at the Knitting Factory in New York and they'll be handing out these EPs, for FREE!

And the third is the illustration I did for my mom's CHRISTMAS CARD for 2004.

Fourth are some BUSINESS CARDS that I have made for my sister Courtney in the past few years.

That's it for now... Back to the drawing board!

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