Muppet Show: Season TWO!!!

Thu 8/9/2007


Somehow I forgot about this, but The Muppet Show Season Two DVD set has been out for a few days now! I just got it tonight and already watched the first episode which was completely incredible. It had, among dozens of other hilarious, beautiful, ingenious skits, ROWLF singing "What A Wonderful World" while petting a real, live, SLEEPING PUPPY. It was quite possibly the cutest thing I've ever seen in my life. I held my breath through the entire thing.

It's impossible for me to describe how happy the Muppets make me, ESPECIALLY The Muppet Show, which is my all-time, hands down, never-to-be-replaced favorite TV show EVER! Watching it makes me feels like I'm a kid again, as I'm filled with wonder and amazement and as I roll around cackling with joy!

This took forever to come out, but it was well worth the wait!

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Dude, you are so taking me back. My sister and I were nuts about the Muppet Show. Statler & Waldorf! Or when Luke Skywalker apeared with C3PO & R2D2... man. I remember we had record LPs of music and sketches from the show that we used to listen to all the time. (pre VCR days). Wow. I should pick it up for Joss. I bet you he would dig it. (I know I will).

Cam Aug10

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