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Sat 8/11/2007

I have some awesome news to share about everyone's favorite comics podcast, Indie Spinner Rack!

First off, ISR is putting together a 208-page comics anthology called "AWESOME" which features work from a TON of the comics artists that have been featured on the show (including a 4-pager by yours truly!)

From now until August 31st you can pre-order a copy of the book for only $8.22 (that's like 45% off!?!) It will also be debuting at SPX and then there will be a book release party at Rocketship on October 20th. (I will be present at both events!)

But the COOLEST part about the book is that all of the proceeds will be split between ISR (which needs new gear desperately!) and scholarships for students up at The Center For Cartoon Studies! Anyways, people should order a copy, or ask your local comics shop to carry it. It'll help out some good causes!

Secondly, the OTHER exciting news is that Charlie (the co-host of ISR) will be performing in an acappella show called Minimum Wage that is going up off-broadway!

Charlie wrote the play with his brother Jeff and they have performed it at the New York City Fringe Festival twice in the last five years. Now it's going up off-broadway starting in September, which is a BIG DEAL!

I have been volunteering down at Fringe Central to help sell some tickets! Charlie and Jeff have set up an ad hoc Minimum Wage Box Office Table and pre-order tickets are only $20!?! (It'll be more like $50 once the show opens) So if you are in New York, swing by (any day from 12-8) and get some tickets! It's a chance to help support Charlie and this incredible thing he is doing! WOO!!!

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They're selling tickets to a show called "Minimum Wage" for 50 bucks??

Laura Aug11

Haw! I think it's going to be like $35-$50, but not as cheap as $20. The show is a spoof on those training videos you have to watch at a crappy job, so the audience learns how to work at the burger joint. It's supposed to be really great!

Alec Aug11

I got my tickets for the $20 Thursday show. Excitement!

Liz Aug13

UPDATE: You can now pre-order tickets for Minimum Wage online using PayPall!

Alec Aug17

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