Get ready for Papercutter #6!!!

Tue 8/14/2007

I was feeling like I didn't have much to blog about, because all I have been doing lately is drawing, A LOT. But then it occurred to me, I haven't even talked about WHAT I'm drawing!


For those of you that don't know, Papercutter is a totally rad comics anthology put out by Tugboat Press which showcases the best up-and-coming comics artists. The first five issues have done just that, featuring a wide array of amazing comics talent.

So it was a real honor when Greg asked me to draw the main story for Papercutter #6. And what was even better, he's letting me be guest editor for this issue! So I made a dream team list... and they all said yes!

It's going to be epic. Backing me up is a 10-pager by Ken Dahl (of ignatz award winning Monsters fame) and a 4-page comic written by Julia Wertz and drawn by the incredible Laura Park! And it'll be all wrapped up in beautiful ink-washy goodness from the endpaper master himself, Nate Beaty!

We're up against a pretty tight deadline, but we're all working really hard, so hopefully it'll hit the streets in time for SPX!

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i bet y'all are just salivating at the thought of reading them endpapers! honestly tho, it will be hard to top the last papercutter, but i have the feeling this allstar cast will kick some comic arse. and stuff. but good luck on besting my endpapers! oh boy, those endpapers are gonna rock yer socks off.

When is that to be coming out!? I loved all the other papercutters.

box Aug15

HA! I know what you mean Nate. I keep saying to myself "This is going to be the best Papercutter EVER!" but then I'm like, "except for Aaron's issue... or Sarah's... or Kaz's..." Unfortunately I think I will probably be the weakest part of this issue. With such talented co-authors I'm really trying to bring my "A-game" so I don't look like a chump.

And you can pour on all the sarcasm you want, but there's no arguing that your endpapers ARE beautiful!!!

Alec Aug15

Box - It'll be out for SPX which is October 12th and 13th. Check for the official release to stores and distros, which will probably be a few days or weeks after that.

Alec Aug15

That's MY dream list, too! #5 was so good, I can't wait for #6.

Matthew Aug15

There's no way you can go wrong, Alec, not with this crew. Plus your stuff ROCKS and ALWAYS has. I can't wait to get it in my greasy mitts!

PS, are you coming out for Stumptown? I want to give you a poster but I can mail it to ya if you aren't travelling.

Sarah O Aug18

Thanks Sarah. Unfortunately I can't afford the trip out to Stumptown this year... I would LOVE a poster though if you have an extra! My address is on the front page of this site. Thanks!!!

Alec Aug18

Go man, go!! I see that progress bar on the main page shooting up like mercury in a Thanksgiving turkey's thermometer!

Andy Sep12

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