Papercutter #6 = DONE

Sun 9/16/2007

Well, Papercutter #6 is done! I finished my final page last night, Nate handed in his endpapers, Gabby turned in his story early this morning and Julia and Laura had their story in weeks ago! I'll tell you this much: it is going to be one hell of a comic book!

Looking back, I have to say I feel really good about this comic. It feels like the first thing I've done since graduating from Pratt that really pushed me to the edge of my abilities. It is definitely one of the best things I've ever drawn, and it is one of my favorite stories ever, so I am really really excited for everyone to see it.

Also, it feels really good to have met the deadline exactly, to the day. I spend a lot of time in my Comics teaching and workshops talking about the importance of observing your own pace, setting realistic goals and being able to meet them. And it feels like I am really putting my money where my mouth is, with projects like this.

Anyways, it's all in Greg's capable hands now. It goes to the printer on Monday and hopefully we'll have it back in time for SPX! Shortly thereafter it will go out to all the PHASE 7 subscribers, along with PHASE 7 #012 (which I need to get started on PRONTO!)

It was a pretty grueling week of cartooning, and I have been putting most of the rest of my life on hold to finish this up, so it is going to feel good to dive back in to Basewood and all my other various current projects!

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Excited to see it.

Jewett Sep17

I'm not sure which makes me more excited: the story, the whole new issue, or that fact that you make graphs and charts to show your progress. We need to start some sort of cartoonists' statistics club.

Matthew Sep17

Great! I can't wait to see it all. I too get a big kick out of viewing your charts and graphs. I often think of applying such methods to my own works... and then I think of what kinds of God-awful shapes they would make, and then I think about something else. You're a cartooning powerhouse Longstreth! Keep it up.

Cam Sep17

I ran into Greg on our bikes on Saturday and asked about Papercutter #6. He told me you were emailing him pages the second they were done and that Gabby was asking about the "absolute last day" the work could be in. I had to laugh - are all cartoonists this predictable? I almost never finish something before the day it's due. But I knew you guys'd pull it together and how! It's gonna be a great issue. Let's hear it for last minute!

Sarah O Sep17

Matt - I would love to start a statistics club. Then someone would know what I meant for the first two weeks of August when I was telling myself, "Yeah! I'm walking the line!!!"

Cam - Don't worry, this chart is definitely a-typical. My Basewood chart looks like the Utah salt flats right now!

Sarah - Hear hear!

Alec Sep19

i'm totally putting a longstreth-inspired chart in my new book. hell, alec, you should do a whole zine of yr charts! i'd buy that for a dollar. or three.

nate Sep20

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