Fri 1/14/2005

Well, I've uploaded the customary "preview" of the next issue of PHASE 7. What does that mean? It means the first six pages of BASEWOOD: Chapter Two are now online for people to check out!

I know some of you are reluctant to see stuff from the issue before it's been released, but really almost NOTHING happens in the first 6 pages (as with the "preview" from chapter one!) so I think it's okay. Also, the scans are so bad (ON PURPOSE) that you only sort of get the jist of what's going on. It'll still be better to see the real thing... THIS FALL.

Yeah...I've done the math and that's when I think this chapter will be done. Late summer or early Fall. So this sample will have to tide you all over, because it's all you're going to get!!!

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