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Sun 9/23/2007

I couldn't help but notice that this is the 107th post of 2007 (using Nate's handy little Blog Archive links on the lower right) which is already the same number of posts as 2005. And it's only SEPTEMBER. That's like a post every 3 days...

I'd say it's a pretty clear indication that I have no life, but I'm also probably not going to do much about it... The truth is, I really love writing this blog because I know a lot of my friends who are scattered to all points of the compass check in on it from time to time. People are always telling me that it's nice to see what I'm working on (or griping about).

ANYWAYS, let's hope I set the record this year and that NEXT year there are far fewer posts. No news is good news, right?!

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good gnus?

"I'd say it's a pretty clear indication that I have no life"

ha! cracked me up -- since I've posted once in the last month and a half, does that mean i have a life?

nate Sep24

Well, you have been dating Soon-Bok for what? Like two years now? And you have like a real job? Plus comics to work on and stuff? It seems more "real" than mine!

Alec Sep24

yes we are scattered and love to check in from time to time.... Maybe the Grube fam should start a blog - it would go something like this: (saturday) melted down "too tiny" crayon pieces to make new crayons shaped like stars, built a fake volcano out of paper mache, hunted for snails, watched some popeye cartoons, took a family trip to the grocery store, had a dance party.

Stefan Grube Sep24

Stefan! PLEASE DO start a Grube family blog!!! It would be so great to hear what you are up to. It sounds like you had more fun on Saturday than I have in a whole MONTH!

Seriously, set one up! It's easy as pie: blogger.com

Alec Sep24

i enjoy reading your blog, and others to. i just like the way you can get to know someone that you never even met. plus it's cool to see what new stuff you have coming up so i'm sure not to miss it.

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