R.I.P. Big Bottle of Ink

Mon 9/24/2007

Well, tonight I poured out the very last drop of ink from my gigantic 32oz bottle of Speedball Super Black India Ink.

I bought this bottle of ink way back in 2002, the same weekend that I started Draw Comics Every Day. It was the summer after I graduated from college and I was living in the U District in Seattle. I had finally decided I would devote the rest of my life to drawing Comics, so I wandered over to the art supply store by my house and bought the biggest bottle of ink I could find. It seemed like the right kind of symbolic gesture.

At the time, I remember holding the ink and thinking "All of Basewood is in this bottle..." Sadly, it died out right in the middle of page 1 of chapter 3, not even half way through the story! Ah well, by my reckoning I got around 600 pages of comics out of it, in about five years, which is not bad. (.05 oz per page! ;)

I wouldn't necessarily advise others to buy this much ink. In five years this ink became pretty thick (even though I always kept it in an airtight container) and the last year or so I had to constantly "water it down" with Higgins ink. The next bottle of ink I buy will be smaller, but still bigger than just a little ink well's worth. I'm in this for the long haul!

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Speedball is my favorite. I like that it's thick. It makes for lovely, inky blackness. I usually get the little jars you have pictured there. I'll add a little Higgins near the end if it's too thick, or water.

Arlene Sep25

i didn't know that ink would thick up. maybe i use it too fast? in a weird way i'm kind of proud of that.

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