24-hour comic #7: GCB!

Fri 9/28/2007

My seventh 24-hour comic, GCB! is available for reading, if anyone wants to check it out! Be forewarned though, this WILL be an issue of Phase 7 in the future (probably with additional pages of shorter stories and gags about Gabe). So don't read it if you want to wait for the print version... But that also probably won't be out for a year or more... so...? Oh jeez, just go read it!

Aaron and I were talking about 24-hour comics the day before I started this one, and he was encouraging me to only draw like three or four panels per page. I wish I had taken his advice! No, I pushed myself pretty hard again this time. It took me from the first instant of the 26th until 2:08am on the 27th (another Eastman Variation, dammit!) Here is my chart for when I started and finished each page:

As you can see, there wasn't much time for breaks, which was NOT my original intention. Also, I had planned to use my Pentel Pocket Brush Pen, since it wouldn't involve constantly dipping a brush into an inkwell for 24 hours, but after drawing the first panel on the first page I was like, "AUUGGHHH!" and threw it across the room. It just wasn't working for me. So this was all done with a normal brush, a sharpie for the panel borders and a ballpoint pen for the lettering and crosshatching. Oh, and LOTS of white out!

I'm pretty pleased with how this turned out, but people should remember that IT IS A 24-HOUR COMIC. Just like Scars, this one is pretty coherent and narrative. I was using this challenge more as an intense work block, rather than an improvised experiment. So it's close enough to some of my "normal" work that it will probably be hard not to compare the two. But this is an ENTIRELY different thing! You have to remember that I was making this up as I went, on no sleep, going more and more crazy as the day progressed! Those last four pages were really difficult to get out.

My back did great, and my drawing hand held up pretty well, considering I used it for 26 hours straight. I can feel the tendons and muscles used for drawing all the way up my forearm and into my upper arm and shoulder, because they are all sore! :P

Ah well, I really felt that I had to get this drawn before Gabe arrived, as our friendship will no doubt morph again with him here in New York and us living together again. Gabe arrived last night and read it straight through. He thought it was cool to share with everyone, so there it is!

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Great job Alec! One of the best 24 hour comics I've read, truly. I'm quite impressed at how similar it gets to your "normal" work (as you said above). I think that is a testament to your steady growth as a cartoonist. The story is very entertaining to read, and you managed to get some good drawing in there too (which is really tough when rushed like that--I know). Pretty cool to have a tribute to friendship. Good luck with your move, and I hope you and Gabe's friendship continues to morph in a positive direction as time goes by. Cheers.

Cam Sep28

Hey, that was a pretty cool comic. Actually, it's kind of an eerie coincidence that I met my best friend almost exactly a year after you met Gabe. AND she's moving back here to Houston in a week!

I still need to subscribe to Phase 7! I'll probably wait until I graduate so it doesn't get lost in my parents' junk mail. :-(

Mindy Sep28

That was great, Alec!

Arlene Sep28

One of my best friends from college and I bonded the first weekend over our mutual love of Star Wars.

Great comic! Your storytelling gets better and better with each new project.

Chris S. Sep28

very well done, longstreth, but what, pray tell, is going on in this panel?


nate Sep30

Thanks everyone!

Nate - Have you never heard about Gabe's New Year's Parties??? At midnight every year he takes off all his clothes and enjoys the rest of the party in his "birthday suit!" I guess it's fun for him, and a bit awkward for EVERYONE ELSE AT THE PARTY.

Alec Sep30

Thanks Alec, for the ringing endorsement of the party. I'm gonna clarify just a little :)

That's Grizzo with me in the panel, and it's "The GCB and Grizzo New Year's Extravaganza". And yes, I do usually end up naked, but it's only noticeably awkward for 3 categories of people:

  • People who don't know us and wandered in off the street (who wants em?)
  • Sober people (Alec)
  • My girlfriend, if I happen to have one (oops)

But seriously, I couldn't keep my clothes on if I tried at this point. I had to have a nice pair of pants repaired after the last time I tried to keep them on past 11:30. True story!

gcb Oct02

It's not a party unless someone gets naked.

Arlene Oct02

Thanks for sharing this Alec & Gabe, it was a great read, really nice to peek in on your friendship. I love it when you can really argue with someone!

By the way - I actually spend New Year's Eve day in the nude and then get dressed at midnight.

Stefan Oct03

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