Williamsburg Ho!

Wed 10/10/2007

Well, Gabe and I officially found an apartment! And it is right in the very heart of Williamsburg, if you can believe that. The apartment is a railroad, third-story walkup in a sort of run-down building. The space is not super nice, but it's only two blocks from the subway, three blocks from a huge park and it has FOUR WINDOWS!!!!

The other night I said to Gabe, "You know, if we get this apartment, we automatically become hipsters, even if we don't want to be." He said he was okay with that.

I think Gabe really wanted to live in Williamsburg because there are a lot of restaurants and bars (and cute girls...) plus a shorter commute into the city. I mostly work from home these days, and I don't eat out as much, and I don't really hang out in bars, so I wasn't too concerned about that stuff. Mostly I just want a nice window to set my drawing board under, and I got that!

Anyways, it's great to have this all out of the way before SPX. Now I can just go and hang out with my comics friends and sell some comics and have a good time instead of spending the whole weekend stressing out and wishing I could hurry up and get back to New York.

So anyone in the Washington D.C. area please swing by! SPX is this Friday from 2pm - 8pm and Saturday from 10am - 7pm, with the Ignatz Awards at 9pm (Papercutter #6 is up for The Outstanding Debut award!)

I'll probably do a write-up when I get back and then it'll be time (yet again) for MOVING MADNESS!

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Ah congratulations. I'm glad to hear you got a window for your art room. That's great!

Is that issue of Papercutter available anywhere yet?

Arlene Oct10

Not to worry Arlene! All Phase 7 Subscribers will get a free copy of Papercutter #6! I'll mail them out the minute I get back from SPX.

Alec Oct10

Ha ha hipster hipster

ahem, I mean "congratulations to both of you."

Oh, and Alec, that new Papercutter cover is amazing! I can hardly wait to read it!

at every place that i have look at moving into the first thing i do is look for a place to put my drawing desk.

it is also very important to look at where the outlets are.


The cover you did for Papercuter #6 is kickass!

WAM Oct11

yeah, i'm going to have to second the asskicking cover for papercutter #6...you have an incredible sense of dimension and space dude...seriously fantastic work...

jason Oct15

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