New Apartment Reconnaissance

Sun 10/21/2007

Thursday night Gabe and I went over to the new apartment to sign all the paperwork and take a bunch of measurements so that we can figure out how to lay everything out in there.

While I was zipping around the apartment with a tape measure (see my crazy measurement sheet to the right here), Gabe was taking a bunch of photographs. Then I went home and drafted a proper 1/4" scale floorplan of the apartment.

I've posted the floorplan, along with a fancy "elevation guide" and a bunch of Gabe's photos (with commentary) over on my Flickr page if anyone wants to check it out.

The apartment is a little weird, with these two really small, pseudo-bedrooms that also double as HALLWAYS, because it's a railroad apartment. Right now Gabe and I are talking about putting bunk beds in one of the rooms and all of our clothes and crap in the other. Pretty much everyone thinks we're crazy, but whatever!

Grizzo said, "If it was anyone but you and Gabe, this would be a bad idea." And Gabe said, "We'll do it, and if it sucks, we'll just change it." Personally, I think it will be totally hilarious. I mean really, it will only be a problem if one of us has a girl over (we are planning on having a back-up sleeping couch/futon in the work room for whoever gets "sexiled") and even then, it is like a really good built-in test....

You know, like you are doing the "Your place or mine" thing and then you say, "Oh, and I sleep in a BUNK BED with my roommate." I say if she's not into that, than she's not cool enough to come over anyways! :)

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Personally I think the bunk bed thing could be a good idea. I've actually known other people who did the same thing and it seemed to work okay. I think it will be a pretty good test for a potential mate as well, because chances are if she can handle the bunk bed thing, she can handle the LOOOOONGSTREEEETH.

Liz Oct21

Nothing says romance like a hail of beer farts from above.

Arlene Oct21

I didn't have a bed for years and just slept on the floor, and I have to say the fellas I brought home were not very thrilled but meh! you can't please everyone! I say bunk beds are a good idea!

laura Oct22

Thank-you Alec for answering the burning questions in my mind. I looked over your floorplan for several minutes trying to figure out just how on Earth this was going to work for you guys. I used to live in a railroad on Metropolitan Ave near Bedford (with a roommate) for 10+ years, but the 2 small bedrooms were side-by-side instead of attached to each other lengthwise. Privacy very thin in our situation, I can't even fathom what you guys are going to do (bunkbeds! Wow!). Best to ya anyways! I hope it works. Just finished reading John P.'s latest King Cat. So GOOD! Looking forward to seeing Phase 7 arrive...

Cam Oct22

How about a GCB/Longstreth episode of "cribs"?

Cam Oct23

got the issues... bless you. Loved them both! Can't wait to write you a more detailed letter. Hope you are well.

Jewett Oct24

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