Thu 10/25/2007

Well, the new demo CD has been named! "Alone: The Home Recordings of Rivers Cuomo"

Just so everybody knows: I am officially, completely freaking out about this.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone Rivers says that the collection WILL IN FACT have some songs from the "Black Hole" demos, along with a few covers and his original demo for Buddy Holly (!!!?!) It is going to be SO AWESOME to finally hear some of this!

Also, the current Weezer bassist Scott Shriner has been saying that the upcoming 6th Weezer album is more "experimental" and "out there" which I am interpretting as good news, since he has only played on two of their crappy-but-slowly-heading-back-in-the-right-direction albums, Maladroit (blech!) and Make Believe (hmm).

ESPECIALLY when you keep in mind that during the production of this album Rivers saw it fit to go back and examine his older work and liked it enough to put together a compilation! I know I shouldn't get my hopes up, but MAN, it seems so possible for this album to ROCK.

As a side note, I was supposed to go to a movie last night, but then when the plans fell through I decided to go to bed at SEVEN-THIRTY because I have been feeling way-tired lately. I slept TWELVE HOURS STRAIGHT which I haven't done in YEARS probably. I woke up this morning, listened to The Blue Album and Pinkerton back to back and now feel pretty much invincible! Thanks Weezer!

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I still remember the first time I listened to the blue album... I was home from my freshman year of college for a visit and me and my family were checking out Chicago... head leaned against the van windows, submerged in the sound. I have a huge soft spot for that album. Good memory, glad you are feeling refreshed.

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