Tue 11/6/2007

Well, Gabe and I are moved into our new place. The move was SUPER easy thanks to some major help from Aaron and Tom (only one trip in the Uhaul, WOO! Thanks guys!!!)

The apartment was BEYOND dirty and Gabe and I have basically spent our first two days in there just cleaning, vacuuming, scrubbing, painting, fixing, and re-caulking anything and everything! It is staring to feel livable, so now we can start UNPACKING.

I am feeling WAY behind on all of my current projects, though Gabe pointed out "I don't know Alec, you seem pretty on top of this MOVING project." :) Just the same, it will feel good to dive back into things one the space is set up. Hopefully by the end of the week!

Also, we're without internet right now, so I can't upload new pictures yet, but there are some shots of us cleaning over in my Flickr account. There will be more soon, once we are reconnected!

P.S. There are like 1,000,000 cockroaches in our apartment! It is F'ing GROSS!

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Trust me - those little black Raid traps really work. I scattered them in every corner of my (disgusting, infested) Spanish Harlem apartment with them and after a week or two the numbers of roaches were severely diminished. But not entirely, of course, because my neighbors would throw their trash out of their windows instead of just walking it down to the compactor. What is wrong with people??

When I got them in my Tucson apartment, I called in the big guns and had an exterminator come out. I also kept covers on ALL the drains in the apartment. After two months there was no trace of them.

I realize people get finicky about chemicals (myself included), but I have no such hippie leanings when it comes to eradicating those little bastards.

Laura Nov06

i...cannot...abide...cockroaches....i would rather eat a bucket of spiders than have a cockroach in the same room with me...i feel for you dude...

jason Nov07

Cockroaches... ewww. I was in Florida hanging out with my best friend for spring break and while in his garage a cockroach ran across the floor... my friend said, "Watch this." He stomped on that sucker (he was wearing work boots)... and I swear to you the little bugger shook it off and scurried away. *shudder*

Glad you guys are moved in though and it looks like it will be a great place to make your home. I am confident that you can win the war against pestilence!

Do all you can to be rid of them cause they love to nest in paper.

Arlene Nov09

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