The Month in Review:

Mon 1/17/2005

Well, my four weeks are up. Tomorrow I will wake up and get on the subway in morning rush hour with all the rest of the robots and go back to work. My next temp assignment is working at NEWSWEEK in the Ad Sales department. (???!) People seem pretty suprised when I tell them this. I mean, I only know one person who has a subscription to Newsweek, but I guess it's a pretty big magazine. So maybe that will be cool...

With my month of drawing wrapping up, everyone seems to want to know "HOW I DID." Well if you follow that link (and/or click on the image here) you'll get a behind-the-scenes look at how I keep track of my progress for PHASE 7.

The X axis is TIME, each square representing one week. The Y axis represents finished pages. That's penciled AND inked. PHASE 7 #006 has 36 pages of Comics, a cover, a back cover, an intro and one page of notes/thank-yous. (40 in all). I want to have it done by the end of the summer AT LEAST, so I set a goal of one page per week, shown here as the straight pencil-drawn line. my ACTUAL progress is shown in red, with black dots marking the completion of each page.

So what does this show? When I'm working, I definitely DO NOT draw a page a week. the slope of my line is much worse. But during this past month (notated as shaded in pencil at the bottom) I not only maintained AT LEAST a page a week, I also made up for lost time, ALMOST getting "back on track" to the projected schedule. Unfortunately, I'm going back to work tomorrow though, so my drawing time will diminish and I will no doubt revert to my previous slope. UGH.

What does all that mean? Um...I'm not sure. I drew A LOT. Probably too much . My schedule broke down a bit as it is cold and windy and sometimes snowy here in New York, so I didn't really get out on my breaks as much as I wanted to. And if you don't take a REAL break during your breaks, it effects your work time. And this definitely happened to me. I think I will do A LOT better on my next month off (in MAY) because I'll be able to go walk in the park, or sit and draw outside when I am on breaks.

So I'm not sure. I guess I'm almost a little glad to head back to work for now. I'm a little burned out on JUST sitting at the drafting table. When I'm working I'm at least also working in my sketchbook more (on break, at lunch, on the subway home) which will come in handy, as there is a lot of stuff that needs to be designed for BASEWOOD (locations, buildings, characters, outfits, etc.) So three more months on, and then another month off. Rinse and repeat. By the way, thank you to everyone who came out of the woodwork to encourage me about this "plan." I think it was the right decision and I only wish my life could ALWAYS be that meaningful and focused.

But for now work. And I'll look forward to MAY. You know... THE MONTH STAR WARS EPISODE III COMES OUT. Oh man...

Anyways, so there are the numbers. In less quantitative terms, I feel good about what I accomplished. I had hoped to get page 10 done, as that is a major break in the story, and page 10 is now taped to my table about 7/9ths penciled. So hopefully I'll have that inked by the end of the week. Then onto the BULK of the story!

Okay. BLECH! ENOUGH!!! Sorry my blog has been so weird lately. I feel like all I do is give "official" updates of what I'm up to, or things I'm working on, or stuff I have drawn, etc. etc. I used to like TELL FUNNY STORIES on here, you know? But there's a fine line between too little and too much though. I don't want this to turn back into the mega-bloated blog (ala Australia). Most of those anecdotes are ending up in my sketchbook nowadays anyways.

I don't know. I'm gonna go to sleep.

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