Frunch & Gwyn!!!

Wed 11/21/2007

Yesterday was kind of a crazy day.

Gabe's schedule at work this week is from 1:30pm until 10:30pm. So on Monday night he got home really late and we didn't end up going to bed until 3am or so. That was okay, except we had to wake up at 7AM the next morning!

One of Gabe's coworkers, Peter, loaned us his minivan for a quick trip out to IKEA. So we took the subway alllllll the way out to JFK, picked up the car and then drove another half-hour out to some mall in Long Island.

It was pretty awesome actually. We had made a list of exactly what we needed, so we managed to avoid getting sucked into the black hole of Ikea and were in and out of there within 45 minutes.

Then we drove all the way back to Williamsburg, lugged the crap upstairs, put together our new kitchen table (WOO!) and then Gabe dashed off to work. He was only 8 minutes late (pfew!)

I went over to Shannon and Julia's house for a spell to get a few blankets because FRUNCH & GWYN were on their way to New York!!! See, when the GCB moved to New York he did not bring a single blanket, so he's been using mine, and I've been using my sleeping bag. Which means we had nothing for house guests!

Anyways, soon thereafter F&G rolled into town and after a bunch of hugs and a little catching up, I put them to work! Yeah, while I got some work done they assembled our new bunk beds (WHICH ARE AWESOME!!!) This was nice, because now when I am sleeping in there I will think "Frunch & Gwyn made this bed!"

We went up to the Apple Store to get a slice of pizza with Gabe on his "lunch" break and then we wandered around all over midtown looking at all the crazy New York christmas stuff, which is already starting to go up. Then we went back to Brooklyn, where we swung by the Duck Duck Potluck for some delicious cupcakes.

Then after Gabe got off work we all met up at Barcade, which is pretty much Frunch's idea of heaven. I am happy to report that the Star Wars arcade game has been fixed and on my first quarter I set a new personal best! (1,065,000 points, getting all the way to the third deathstar trench run on "HARD")

Anyways, the point is, I love me some Frunch and Gwyn and it is so great to see them (it's been almost a YEAR!) and no doubt, more adventure awaits!

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How are you gonna fit on those bunk beds? They look kind of small!

Liz Nov21

Barcade sounds amazing... enjoy your visit, good friends are precious indeed. Have a happy Thanksgiving.

Liz - at 6' - 4" I've never yet had a bed that I actually fit on. The trick is to lay on it diagonally!

Andy, happy Thanksgiving to you too! (and everyone else also!!!)

Alec Nov22

The best part of the pictures is watching Gabe clean. You can't put cookies in a dirty fridge!

GCBs Mom Nov24

Pat! Welcome to the blog :)

Alec Nov26

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