First taste of "Alone" (?!)

Wed 11/28/2007

Geffen made a little Flash player with three samples from the new album of demos by Rivers Cuomo (click "Read Entire Entry" below to check it out!!!)

I already have mp3s of "Longtime Sunshine" and "Blast Off" (not at this high quality level though!) but I've only ever heard "Superfriend" in the background of the Weezer DVD when they were in the studio for Pinkerton. It sounds SO GOOD.

The release has been pushed back to December 18th, but it is going to be SO worth it!!!

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I know I am onboard for this... I have been listening to the blue album alot again for some reason... good memories. December 18th can't come soon enough.

I have an old bootleg CD of a Rivers Cuomo solo show in Boston... relatively poor quality, but unfamiliar songs. If you don't have it, shoot me an e-mail and I'll send you a copy.

Chris S. Nov30

Also, you can totally sing "Mykel and Carly" to the chords of "Longtime Sunshine." I smell a medley in the works...

Chris S. Nov30

Chris - yeah, I have that Boston show (The Rivers Cuomo Band! :) also at Karaoke last week I was forced to sing "Beverly Hills" because it was the only serviceable Weezer song in their system (I HAVE to sing one!) While I was butchering it, Aaron's friend Claudia pointed out that you can sing The Sweater Song over the chords, which are identical. I guess Rivers reuses some changes... Well, it IS pop music!

Alec Nov30

Andy, perhaps the reason you have been listening to The Blue Album a lot recently is because 1) IT IS THE GREATEST ALBUM EVER RECORDED or 2) You have excellent taste in music!

Alec Nov30

well... I think it would definitely be in my top 5 for sure.

Jewett Nov30 I've been here a few times to listen to this (and to share with friends). Thanks for posting and keeping me Weezer-updated! The Blue Album and Pinkerton are like the original Star Wars Trilogy to me; I tend to believe that nothing else was created after these things (although that's not true). So that's why I'm so gosh-darn excited!
Oh, and I also love the rest of the blog, and looking at all your 24-hour comics!
ok, enough.
but thanks again!

Maris Dec04

Maris! I'm glad to know there are a few people out there who aren't rolling their eyes when I geek out about Weezer on this blog. Only 8 more days until this CD hits the streets. I can't WAIT!!!

Alec Dec09


Alec Dec15

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