Sketchbook #008

Thu 12/13/2007

I finished my 8th sketchbook last night, which was a major relief. Lately its emotional weight has eclipsed the actual mass of the book in my backpack. As though I have to carry around all of these memories and things that have happened to me this past year, everywhere I go. My history with this particular book is long and complicated and I am really glad to just put it on the shelf with my other sketchbooks...

I guess it actually only took me nine months to finish this one, which I calculated to a page every 4 days or so. And, yeah... I don't know. It always just feels important to mark the passing of these books. I use my sketchbooks mostly to document what is going on in my life and it feels really good to finish one off and start a new one. It's like a very slow clock clicking through the seconds of my life.

ANYWAYS, I posted some Harry Potter character drawings from this book over on my LiveJournal account. And I'm actually going to MAKE my next sketchbook, using my rusty book-binding skills, so that should be interesting...

In other news, my proof copy of the Animal Alphabet book has shipped! I should get it in the next day or two, so the book should be available early next week, along with prints of all the paintings. And for those of you who BOUGHT paintings, I will be sending them out this weekend! Keep an eye on those mailboxes... :)

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Sweet! I made my last sketchbook and it strangely makes drawing even more fun when you make the book you're drawing in.

Ben Rosen Dec13

I really need to get back into the sketchbook habit. Really. Just received a copy of Chris Ware's Acme Novelty Datebook Volume 2. Very inspiring. Very maddening too. Damn he's good. Are you going to make another collection of drawings from this recently completed sketchbook too?

Cam Dec14

Sadly Cam, I have not been doing much life drawing lately. I really need to get back into it (though it's much harder in the winter!) People, Places, Things #3 might be a long ways off!

Alec Dec14

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