Animal Alphabet: GO!!!

Sun 12/16/2007

When our buzzer rang this morning at 9am, I was a little confused. "It's Sunday!" I thought. But I guess it's getting close enough to the holidays and New York is just crazy enough that it doesn't matter. Our postal carrier was downstairs with my proof copy of Alec's Animal Alphabet!!!

I am SUPER DOOPER pleased with how it looks! So no more dilly-dallying! FULL STEAM AHEAD!!! The book is now available from and you can also get individual prints of every single painting.

This also means that I will be mailing out the paintings people have bought TONIGHT! I figure if that hard working postal carrier has to work Sunday, so should I! Not everyone knows this, but the main branch of the post office for New York City (on 34th street) is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. And sometimes, on a Sunday night, close to the holidays, it is fun to go and spend a few hours in line (or "ON line" as they say here) to mail out some cool stuff to your friends! :)

I'm also working frantically to get a special holiday mailing together for the Phase 7 subscribers before I head home for the holidays, so I'm practically going to be LIVING at the post office this week. It's not so bad if you have a good book to read, or stuff to draw, and I have BOTH! Keep an eye on those mailboxes!!!

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Is it not available in hardback?

greg Dec16

Unfortunately, only offers hardbacks in certain formats, and square is not one of them! :( Sorry dude...

Alec Dec16

That's okay. One day we'll do a reprint as a board book and all of us who have the original paperbacks will treasure our collector's items. :)

Ellie Dec16

Also, that page looks like "Ooo! Otter!" Hee hee.

Ellie Dec16

Hi Alec! This is Sudara/Mark's Mom who just received a delightful 'M is for Meerkat' present from Mark! I wanted to say how much we all love the earnest little fellow. He will adorn our wall and be admired by all! Keep up the fun work and good luck in 2008!

liliana Williams Dec27

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