Wed 1/16/2008

OH MAN. Gabe used his genius discount at the Apple Store the other night to pick me up one of those fancy new ultra-slim mac keyboards. I AM TOTALLY IN LOVE.

In the last few years my hands have been hurting off and on, from what I assumed was too much drawing. But NOW I'm realizing that it was probably a combination of drawing a lot and typing on a crappy burnt-out old keyboard!

There is so little effort with this new keyboard. I barely have to move my fingers at all. It's like squishing your fingers in and out of a piece of dough or something. Sorry to dork out, but between this site, my illustration site, DVzine.org, LiveJournal, Flickr and THREE email addresses, I spend A LOT of time every day typing! It's nice to have the right tool for the job. (PEOPLE ARE STILL TYPING DVORAK, RIGHT??!) Hmmm... gotta see if I can reconfigure these keys to display Dvorak....

Ahem! While I'm posting, I might as well add that I've updated the Comics Section with my Comics Events for 2008!. It's gonna be a good year I think!

Also, this guy David Cushman did a quick interview with me for his new site, Small Press League. So if you wanna hear me blab some more about why I love self-publishing comics, check it out!

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i use the same keyboard and love it. it puts my old kensington slimtype to shame.. (which also uses laptop-type keys, but now seems super-ghetto, haha.)

nate Jan16

I am pretty sure those use the same keys as the MacBook, which I have succesfully popped out and rearranged in Dvorak on my past few notebooks. Apple is pretty good about making their keys rearrangeable. Just find the right corner to pull up on (probably the lower left), then drop the cap into the right position and push straight down until it clicks into place!

(Typed on my iPhone, which still doesn't offer Dvorak :P)

Bill VH Jan17

Cool! Is it wired or wireless?

Cam Jan17

Cam - Mine is wired (I need those two extra USB ports for peripherals!)

Bill - I tried popping some keys off today, but it was a bit trickier than I thought... I think I'll leave it as is for now... (I'm still typing Dvorak on it though!)

Alec Jan17

Those keyboards are sweet... A guy at work has one... I wouldn't say no to one for sure. Enjoy it!

I haven't gotten a new iMac for a while because I hated the designs - I like the new ones a lot, though. Wasn't all that sure about the keyboards, so I'm glad to hear that they're an improvement!

Chris S. Jan17

Alec I want to subscribe to the next 4 issues - can the system deal with postage to the UK?

Jim! If you are cool enough to subscribe to my comic from the UK, I will be cool enough to pick up the extra shipping costs. Maybe shoot me one of those awesome new Garden Funnies books in trade???

Alec Jan18

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