Basewood Process

Fri 2/22/2008

Over the years, a few people have asked me a to write a how-to post, about my process for Basewood. Well, I've finally done it... with pictures!

Yup, I created a set of photos on Flickr documenting every single step of the process I took, to create page 8 of chapter 3 of Basewood.

PLEASE NOTE: there are two photos in the set with potential "SPOILERS." So if you don't want to know any plot elements from chapter 3, don't zoom in on them (they are labeled). Show some restraint, it'll be more fun!

Page 8 is also the last page of the chapter 3 samples I have been posting in the comics section, so I'm afraid this will be everyone's last chance to take a look over my shoulder. The last 40 pages are my own battle to fight alone....

In other exciting news, I am about to leave to go pick up Phase 7 #013 from the printer! So if you are a P7 subscriber and you have recently moved, PLEASE send me your current mailing address!

(Also, it's SNOWING!!!)

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that just blew my mind! i can't believe how much work you put into your pages.

we do alot of the our thumbnail and prewriting stuff the same, but we are really far apart when it comes to doing the final art. i never measure out my lettering, and i never let the panels match up. mostly because i want the page to put you ill at ease.

of course out story matter is far apart too. ;)

Hey Alec! I just wanted to let you know that I saw the Jim Henson exhibit today - and it's awesome. You're going to love it!

Laura Feb23

OH MAN... I'm so jealous Laura! I CAN'T WAIT...

Alec Feb23

You are insane Alec. I-N-S-A-N-E!
And I totally dig it.

Cam Mar01

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Ha ha! ...sigh
I have set up a pretty clever trick against myself, I think. I put a big stack of unfolded Phase 7 ..
Long live the list! (The list is dead)
Well, sorry if I'm letting anyone down, but I'm throwing in the towel a week early with THE LIST. ..