Fri 3/7/2008

I have a bunch of important stuff I want to blog about, but no time to do so.

I've been playing catch-up all week, and now I've got to run out the door to teach my Friday class and then hop directly onto a train heading for Philadelphia so I can attend my Grandmother's memorial service. Then I'll probably be playing catch-up AGAIN next week... (sigh)

Anyways, one thing I did want to say, is that Greg and I are once again doing our "March Madness" challenge this year. We were going to draw funny little pictures of ourselves again, but I guess we are too busy getting real drawing stuff done... maybe when it's all over and the dust has settled, we will whip something up!

Alright, well, I'll try to get something more substantial up by the end of the weekend... big things are in the works, I promise you!

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