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Sun 3/9/2008

Alright, enough of this mysterious pseudo-blogging. Let's get down to some hard FACTS!

FACT: I went up to The Center For Cartoon Studies last week to give a lecture about self-publishing comics.

FACT: I will be going up to The Center for Cartoon Studies AGAIN at the end of this summer, to STAY.

Yes, that's right! Read that second fact again... (I told you this was a big deal!) At the end of this summer I am going to leave New York and move to White River Junction, Vermont to be one of the CCS Fellows for next year.

"One of the Fellows" you ask? Yes! The amazingly talented Chris Wright will ALSO be a CCS Fellow. (As James Sturm said, "It isn't written down anywhere that we can't have TWO Fellows!") I suggested we call ourselves the "Fellow Fellows" but I think Chris's idea of "The Fellas" is much better. :)

If you're not familiar with Chris's work, please go check it out! His drawing of Argus (above) is also featured in the letters column of Phase 7 #013. He is a master cross-hatcher, and I'm hoping that with our powers combined we can trick some of the students into using this technique. Or you know, start a "cross-hatching movement" at CCS for the year we are there. :)

Seriously though, this is a pretty big deal for me. It will be a chance to REALLY buckle down and focus on Basewood for a year and hopefully put a gigantic dent in it, if not finish the whole thing off. Of course, it also means leaving New York...

I have been here for FOUR YEARS now, and at this point my living situation is about as good as it's ever been. Sure, I've been a little burned out on New York these past few years, but I'm really glad that I will be leaving on a good note. I think if I stayed too much longer, I might grow to hate certain aspects of the city and would leave bitter. But this way, I will leave with happy memories and lots of friends, and if I decide to come back here, I can do so without any regret.

So I've got a little over five more months in New York City... I better make the most of it!

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Congratulations Fella! That sounds like a perfect fit.

Cam Mar09

Congratulations! Seems like it's just what you need. The perfect opportunities always seem to come at the perfect times, at least I think so. Though I must say, I will be really sad to see you go. Living in NYC my whole life it seems people come and go too often for my taste. I wish all my friends would just stay here forever but I know living in NYC is just not as easy for most people as it is for me. You will be missed! Promise to come over to my house for drawing night at least one more time before you leave?

Liz Mar09

Well done that man!
After the mere 2 weeks I spent there I came away dreaming in panels, so I think you'll settle in pretty well.

Congrats on the appointment and the opportunity that it presents. I am sure you will be brilliant... best of luck.

Dude, Living the Dream has more power than a thousand magical unicorns! Use this power wisely...

ak47 Mar10

Wow - what will you do as a "fella?" EXCLUSIVELY work on Basewood, or teach some, too? Maybe you will put together your "how-to" self-publish while you are up there.

Bruce Mar10

Awesome! Congrats!

David Mar10

AMAZING news! Just remember to pack warm clothes for the winter! I can't wait to see how much you'll be producing from the fellowship.

anngav Mar10

Congratulations, Alec. Maybe New England will make you 'proper' like me! Vermont's a great place to throw yourself into what you love to do.

Gabe's Mom Mar10

Aw, thanks everyone!
Liz - sorry I'm leaving!
Bruce - I will still have bills (and student loans) to pay, but hopefully it will be cheaper in WRJ, so I will be able to focus way more on Basewood.
Andrew - I will!
Ann - I finally get to break out my sub-zero "han solo hoth" jacket, which has not braved the elements since my college days on the frozen shores of Lake Erie.
Pat - I'll never be as "proper" as you! ;)

Alec Mar11

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