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Thu 3/20/2008

It's 6AM. I just woke up. I need to write about about WEEZER.

Karl sent out an email to all the Weezer fans last night, alerting us to the release of the new Lover In The Snow video. I think I've written enough about the ALONE project, that hopefully people know what I'm talking about here...

From the record label's point of view, this was a strange album. Supposedly, Rivers really had to talk them into letting him do it. They just weren't sure how an album of unpolished demos would do.

So I guess they were surprised when "Blast Off" starting doing really well and getting a lot of airplay. Suddenly Geffen needed a music video for this DEMO from four years ago. And at the time they demanded this from Rivers, he was in Japan, visiting his wife's family.

His solution was to have his wife follow him around for a day in Japan with a camera and then they edited that into the video for Blast Off. It's mostly him walking around, doing some morning stretches, playing on a trampoline and working on his sumi ink brush technique. (Also READING COMICS!!!)

So for this second video, I didn't quite know what to expect....

It starts with a full two minutes of Rivers narrating over a series of photographs and film clips from his childhood, explaining his great love of soccer. It is a deeply personal and intimate look at his lifelong relationship with this sport. Then for the rest of the video you see him training for, and playing in the Mia Hamm Celebrity Soccer Challenge.

I never had cable growing up, and I haven't owned a TV for over 10 years now, so I've never spent much time sitting in front of MTV. I don't even know if they play music videos any more, or if they've managed to make the channel nothing BUT reality TV shows, but the thought of this video popping up on TV blows my mind.

Imagine it. In the midst of a bunch of shallow, crappy music videos featuring people trying to be clever, or waving a bunch of money around while rapping about how cool they think they are, THIS comes on. Rivers quietly tells you about how his parents were divorced when he was 4, how he had to turn his energies from soccer to music when he found out he had a physical defect in his leg, how he spent THIRTEEN MONTHS IN AGONY to have his leg fixed, all so that he could play soccer again. And then a bunch of footage of him playing soccer, smiling, scoring a goal! plays over a song he recorded in his basement, multitracking his own back-up vocals. A song that, P.S., rocks ten times harder than most songs any other band could even HOPE to write. And it doesn't even have bass or drum tracks! (??!)

My love for this man does not just INCREASE with each additional glimpse into his creative output, IT MULTIPLIES BY FACTORS OF TEN.

I'm at a point where I would almost be okay with Album Six being sub-par, just to see these glimpses, and to know that Rivers seems so much happier in his life these days.

Fortunately, I don't think that will be a concern. Maybe it's just me being a psychotic weezer fan, or some sort of optimistic fool, but I can't shake the feeling that this album is going to really rock. A Weezer album we can all get behind. A return to the good old days!

Anyways, I'm PUMPED! June can't come fast enough... Oh, and hey, sorry about that last post, and thanks to everyone who wrote a supportive comment or email. It's embarrassing I would even feel the NEED to write something about being sad when I have so many amazing, talented friends at my side. I am one lucky guy, and I should never forget that.

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YAAAY! I got that email last night but I haven't gotten a chance to watch the video yet! I can't wait!

Liz Mar20

That song is great. That mustache is awful!

Greg Mar20

He looked so happy getting that goal! I like the song too. I look forward to the new album.

Arlene Mar20

What a cool song and happy video. It's nice to be reminded that pop music can be awesome!

jim Mar22

So what comics was he reading?

Sarah O Mar23

I couldn't tell from the video, but I know he is friends with Adrian Tomine (and Joe Matt?)

I just sent him some Phase 7s in the mail! (boo-ya)

Alec Mar23

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