Mon 3/24/2008

I'm entering a new phase of life,
That may cause you readers some strife:
It's limericks I'll write!
Each day and all night,
With puns and bad meter they'll be rife...

Gabe's response:

A good limerick can be quite clever.
To write one is Alec's endeavor.
If you ask me to guess,
If he'll be a success,
I'll earnestly tell you, "not ever."


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the limerick idea delivers
naught but horror, cold dread, and the shivers
such a thought makes me sigh
and i beg in reply:
"please go back to your posts about rivers"

anngav Mar24

O please Alec, give us a break,
How many limericks can we make?
You must think it quite easy
But I'm getting queasy
With worry of making mistake!

Marek Mar24

Limerick writing doesn't pay
Just keep your job in the day
You'll be hockin' bling
Your phone won't ring
And no one will give you a lay.

Arlene Mar24

It seems that Longstreth does test fate.
For Basewood it seems we must wait.
Limericks his new passion.
Ask Gabe to start bashin'
His noggin if this is Phase Eight.

Cam Mar24

With your post you make it quite plain
Something might be amiss in your brain.
Instead of cartooning,
This audience mooning
Proves that you have gone insane.

Some of the best of us have gone cuckoo
From soaking in comic book stew.
Those panels need filling
even when you're not willing.
I wonder what Jeff Smith would do?

Dave Mar24

Alec would make a fine nanny-
An attractively bearded young granny
The Grube kids would say,
"Let's make comics today,
And send them to East Pakistani!"

Stefan & Julie Grube! Mar25

Limericks? I just need to ask,
What brought on this new daily task?
Not busy enough?
Need to add some more stuff?
Or was this inspired by a flask?

Well, here's something new from my son
Who has long been a fan of the pun.
May your limericks give pleasure
In well-meted measure
To readers who're looking for fun.

Mom Mar25

It's hard to compose a small ditty
that will sound both witty and pretty
but after much concentration
and complicated notation
I came up with this...such a pity...

Richard Mar26

Oh readers, dear readers, oh please,
Don't encourage this budding disease,
Your poems are nice,
But you nurture his vice,
Now from limericks I'll never have peace!

gcb Mar27

With apologies I respond, GCB,
for limericks are fun, don't you see?
I like poems nerdy,
and when they're dirty,
but the best ones are written by me.

jim Mar29

Enough with the sugar and spice
Lets get down to a slice of real of real life
Let me introduce Bob
Who is up to the job
Of making your virtue a vice

You seem to miss the point of the limerick
Like its some squeeky clean little gimmick
Not a cute little rhyme
Or a funny good time
Fuck yourself up the ass you damn nitwit

Carol & Bob Apr02

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