I once again own The Coolest Hat In New York City

Mon 3/31/2008

Remember a few years ago when I lost my favorite hat on the subway? Only three months after I moved to New York? And how horrible that was?

I have had a gaping hole in my heart ever since that tragic accident... UNTIL TODAY.

About a month ago, the official starwars.com blog posted this article about an R2-D2 knitted cap that someone had designed. I forwarded the link to Aaron, in an email titled "If your sister makes me this hat I will MARRY her."

See, Katie Renier has been known to make some pretty amazing hats in her day. So I knew if there was any chance of someone being able to make this, she was the one!

Well, the hat arrived today, as a TOTAL surprise, and it fits PERFECTLY and I TOTALLY LOVE IT. And also, I guess I'm now engaged? Ha ha! Whoops! :P

You can check it out in better detail in my Flickr account. Thanks Katie!!!

Also, I do hereby solemnly swear that I will never take this hat off on any subway, not even if I am drawing people and the prettiest girl in the universe sits across from me. She can just sit there! I'm not losing this hat no way. I will be BURRIED in this hat!

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Congratulations to you and the future Mrs. Longstreth!

Arlene Mar31


[Translation: That hat is amazing!]

That's the coolest toque I've ever seen.

Cam Apr01

I'm so glad that you now have not only a hat, but a hat story to replace the sad sad story of the previous hat.

jim Apr03

NICE HAT! I was going to ask you if you were going to watch the Star Wars Marathon on Spike this weekend. Then I was like, Alec doesn't really watch TV. And THEN I was like, Alec has all the DVDs. Next time we get together, your R2D2 hat and my meatwad hat can get together and be innocent but spunky.

Paul Madavi Apr03

um...this might sound odd, but i'm looking for a katie renier...who used to live in milwaukee? i am *certain* that that stunning hat is something she could knit...is your katie my katie too?

tf May05

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