Sick and Busy

Sun 4/6/2008

The last couple days I have been sick as a dog, which is no fun, let me tell you! And the timing couldn't be worse...

I picked up a third class at BMCC this week, which I am going to teach for the rest of the semester. I'm covering for another adjunct professor who is pregnant. So I've got to now fit that in on top of all my other projects... I know it's not wise to talk about work online, so I will just say: I'll be glad when this semester is over! (sigh)

Anyways, I managed to finally update my illustration site with some new work, including the Reading Dragon image you see here. I had some of those printed up as postcards which I'm sending out to my list of art directors and illustration contacts tomorrow.

Also Gabe and I have been folding and stapling like mad, trying to get our largest-ever order of Dvorak Zines ready for The 2008 GEL Conference. I guess one of the organizers read our zine and wants everyone who attends to get a copy. So we've got to have 400 copies ready by the 17th.

That in and of itself is not so hard, but my friend Karen knows someone who works on the conference and she said it's basically like "a get-together for millionaire geniuses." So I feel like I should really try and tackle the long list (100+ emails) of overdue updates by then too. So we can make the best impression possible. We're doing our part, but it would be a lot easier to change the world to Dvorak if some crazy millionaire threw us a bone!

Speaking of Geniuses, it should also be noted that Friday was Gabe's last day working at The Apple Store. He landed a cool new job, working for this nonprofit organization Immigration Equality. I think he's pretty pumped. It will be much more challenging work, instead of just fixing people's broken hardware all day. Also, he will have regular, consistent hours and normal weekends, so we'll actually be able to hang out again! Good luck GCB!

There's other stuff going on, but I don't really have the energy to talk about it right now. I might go lie back down for a while... Ugh...

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Great dragon! I'm all over the place in terms of political ideology, but I'm all about making immigration as easy as possible for ALL of those who want to join us here. Congrats to Gabe from me! He's doing good work.

Chris S. Apr06

When a poor vegetarian's sickish
He can use a cartoon hero's fetish.
Popeye's limerick song
Proves you'll never go wrong
If you feast on a diet of spinach!

Gabe's Mom Apr08

Thanks for the tip Pat! (EXTRA POINTS for the Limerick!!!) It's day four and I just woke up feeling a little better (FINALLY!) Give my love to Jaxen and Caitlin!

Alec Apr08

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