Rendezvous with Rockstars!

Thu 4/10/2008

Even though I am not quite back up to 100% health, I decided this week, to partake in some of the millions of incredible things that are always going on in New York City. (Remember, I've got less than four months in this town, so I've got to live it up!)

On Tuesday Aaron and I went to see this movie, We Are Wizards, at the New York Underground Film Festival. It's a documentary about some of the fan-based activity surrounding the Harry Potter books, including the Wizard Rock movement. It was REALLY funny and interesting, I'm so glad I went. And EVEN COOLER than the movie, was afterwards, they had a Q&A session with some of the people that made the movie, and some of the people who were IN the movie, including PAUL DeGEORGE (of Harry and the Potters!)

Now, I kind of "know" Paul, because I drew that album cover for the Harry Potter Alliance last year, and we exchanged a bunch of emails in the process. But I had never really met him, so after the Q&A I went up and introduced myself. He was super friendly and cool, and I was SO UNBELIEVABLY NERVOUS.

It was pretty hilarious, because I KNOW he's just a regular guy and we are the same age and everything, but MAN! It is hard to not be a little star struck when you've seen someone rock the New York Public Library to its very foundation....

Harry and the Potters really are one of my favorite bands. And it's not just because the CONCEPT is so nerdy and great (singing songs AS Harry Potter) or that the music is so incredible. It's more their ATTITUDE. If you've seen them live, you know that they really give it their all. And they do everything themselves. No label, no distribution, no managers, nothing like that. They're doing this for the LOVE of doing it. And their music is so positive.... I don't know. I feel like they are like the closest musical equivalent to self-publishing a Harry Potter fanzine or something.

ANYWAYS, Paul said, "Hey, we're gonna go grab a drink, do you want to come?" and I said "SURE!" because I really did want to, even though I'm not great at that kind of stuff. Aaron took off, either because he was sick or because I was being REALLY AWKWARD, but eventually we found a bar and I calmed down a bit (and/or got a little drunk...) and the rest of the night was a success!

It was crazy enough hanging out with Paul, but then I realized the other people with us were the folks who directed/produced/edited the film, and Melissa from The Leaky Cauldron (!?!) Everyone was very nice and we sat around and talked about our mutual Harry Potter experiences and the like. It was a very cool night for me... Plus I might be doing some illustration work for Harry and the Potters, which is like my illustration dream job! BOO-YA.

Then last night I met up with Sarah Glidden and her crew of friends to see this band, Dirty Projectors. Don't get me wrong, the band is good. It was a pretty remarkable performance, but the MAIN reason I wanted to go, was that the lead singer is named Dave LONGSTRETH. (??!!!) I wanted to see if there was any family resemblance! He was tall and lanky... that was about it.

It's just funny because mine is not the most common of surnames, but every once and a while I will come across another artistically inclined Longstreth. Back when I was living in Portland, I remember seeing a series of paintings by a Jake Longstreth at the Powell's bookstore gallery. We're all doing our part to keep the name interesting!

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I saw Harry and the Potters play at a kid's bookstore in front of about sixty tots. It was, without doubt, the best rock show I've ever seen.

Chris S. Apr10

awesome new man. congrats on all the fun stuff happening.

That's cool you were hanging out with Melissa... I listen to her on Pottercast quite often. Sounds like it was a cool week.

Cam Apr11

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