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Fri 4/11/2008

On Friday I received an email entitled "ahh, the internet" from my good friend Charlotte. It contained a URL and the simple message: "if you can dream it, it's been done!" The URL, I'm happy to report, was

Joe's Goals is basically THE LIST, only it's digital, and it's online. It allows you to add "to-do" items to a list, and then you just check off what you did for that day and it keeps track of everything for you. GRAPHS! DATA SHEETS! STATS! It is pretty exciting...

So I've recycled my little scraps of paper, and I'm giving this a go. I went back through and entered all of my data from the first two weeks of April and I'm going to keep it up for as long as I can.

The only part of it I'm not sure about, is the idea of "negative" goals. The example from the site (shown above) is "eating out." As though you are penalized for doing something bad. It actually brings down your "score" by a point, whereas, completing positive tasks gains you a score point.

I've never been a fan of motivating oneself through shame or guilt. It seems like the fact that you DIDN'T check off something you wanted to do on a certain day should be motivation enough! If I wanted an accurate score, it seems my list would have to include every item twice, one positive, to be checked off if I DID do the task, and one negative, to be checked off if I DIDN'T. But that seems like too much work...

Anyways, I thought people should know about this! It's a pretty handy tool. (Thanks Charlotte!)

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Alec --

Yeah, I agree about those negative goals, but look on the flip side... You could totally add in some negatives like "Get beat up" and "Get mugged" and "Fall down the stairs", and then add in the correllating POSITIVES ("Don't get beat up", "Don't get mugged", "Walk safely up/down stairs"), and then... CHA-CHING! CHA-CHING! Every day (hopefully) you're racking up positive points on those goals!

Marek Apr13

Good plan Marek! :P Luckily, I'm not comparing my "score" to any one else's, so there's no need to beef it up.

Alec Apr13

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