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Sun 5/4/2008

Well, spring has sprung here in New York, and the days seem to be alternating between bright and sunshiny, and grey and rainy. I can't decide which I prefer, they are both really nice!

The only bummer is that I have not been able to get outside much. I am heading into the home stretch of teaching for this semester, and what with all the catching up I have to do from my trip out of town, it is going to be a pretty stressful couple of weeks...

Of course, once I reach the end of the semester there are a whole SLEW of projects I have been neglecting, which I will have to dive back into. It feels a bit like a triathlon (not that I've ever done one!) But you know, I've just swam my 3 miles, and I'm on like my 80th mile of biking thinking, "Only 30 more miles to bike!" except that once I'm done, I'll have to run a whole MARATHON.

Well, the ultimate end of the race will be Vermont. I'm trying super hard to keep all of my side projects reined in to just this summer. That way I can head up to CCS and focus solely on Basewood.

In the meantime, I'm still trying to make the most of New York City! On Wednesday this week I'm meeting up with a few of my old art school friends to see The Pratt Show (it will be such a relief to be on the spectator side of the event!), then on Thursday I'm going out to Rutgers to give a talk about Comics for one of my friend Ellie's Library School classes, and then on Saturday Harry and the Potters are playing a show at the main branch of the New York City Public Library. It's going to rule! I can't wait...

Well, anyways, this is all to say I've got a lot of balls up in the air, so I apologize in advance if posts are few and far between in the coming weeks. I hope everyone is enjoying their start of spring!

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The home stretch is a long stretch, Longstreth. Don't burn out though! Use the vast wildness of Vermont to clear your brain out before you dive back in.

Sarah O May06

i remember you telling me this fall about all the sweetness to be had up in vermont - i'm very glad to hear it worked out! that'll be a piney paradise after you're done with your superworkload! keep on truckin!!

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